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Zachary Levi Hopes For A Better Shazam! Suit Photo For Fans

Shazam Cover/ DC Comics

Zachary Levi Hopes For A Better Shazam! Suit Photo For Fans

Soon after leaked pictures of Zachary Levi in the Shazam! superhero costume went viral on the internet, the actor himself took to social media to explain fans that the costume leak wasn’t a planned one. He said he is hopeful that the first official pictures of the Shazam! costume will arrive soon.

How’d everyone like that Shazam pic that was online yesterday?,” Levi said during a live stream video on Instagram. “Kind of crazy right? That wasn’t planned. That was completely unplanned. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a better pic at some point out there for people to see.”

It was on Tuesday when fans got an unofficial first glimpse of the titular character in his superhero costume in some leaked pictures. The picture showed Zachary Levi in Shazam!’s iconic red-and-gold costume standing amidst members of the film crew on a Christmas-decorated set which looks like the main concourse of a shopping mall. The comic book-accurate version of Shazam’s costume was complete with a two-tiered cape, buccaneer boots, a belt, and armbands.

Notably, director David F. Sandberg had earlier revealed on Reddit that Warner Bros. has already decided on a date for the suit’s unveil. He went on to explain that Shazam! costume will resemble the suit created for the character in DC animated universe. Sandberg promised fans to reveal more about the costume once the official picture of the costume is out.

Here’s something though. The suit has some similarities to his look in Justice League: War,” Sandberg wrote. “Once pics have been released I can tell you more about where the inspirations came from and why certain choices were made.”

Now that the costume pictures have leaked on the internet, fans are left with no option but to wait for when Warner Bros. to roll out the official Shazam! costume pictures.

Shazam! is scheduled to hit theatres on April 5, 2019.

Source: Zachary Levi via Annika




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