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Shazam!: Zachary Levi Originally Auditioned For [SPOILERS] Role

Still from Warner Bros. DC Film Shazam!

Shazam!: Zachary Levi Originally Auditioned For [SPOILERS] Role

Shazam! currently holds the number one spot at the box office earning over $53 million at domestic and over $158 million worldwide. Those numbers are sure to go up till the DC film gets hit by Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame later this April.

Warning: Article contains spoilers to Shazam!

The origin movie has been receiving a lot of appraisal from fans for its perfect casting of Zachary Levi for the role of the grown superhero known as Shazam. Furthermore, moviegoers were also surprised to witness that all the foster kids from the movie also have the ability to transform into a grown-up superhero when Shazam shares his powers with them through the Wizard’s staff.

Not many would know that Levi had originally auditioned for a different role but the actor refrained from revealing it to avoid spilling the beans on the movie’s plot. But now, Director David F. Sandberg has come out with the information during an interview with Screen Rant.

Talking about the casting process for the older version’ the foster kid’s characters, the director revealed that Levi hadn’t originally intended to audition for the role of Shazam. but he did plan on appearing as a grown-up superhero.

Yeah, well it’s kind of a funny story with Zach, actually, because his self-tape that he sent in was actually for adult Freddy. But when I saw his tape I was like, “Well, this guy is clearly Shazam.”

Levi had earlier appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing the character known as Fandral. but was later killed off in Thor: Ragnarok. The death of his Marvel character allowed him to take on a much bigger role in the DC Extended Universe.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Warner Bros. is moving forward with a sequel for Shazam! with Henry Gayden returning to pen the second installment.

Shazam! is currently in theaters.

Source: Screen Rant




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