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She-Hulk episode 8, Daredevil

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She-Hulk and Daredevil have sex in episode 8 of Attorney at Law, fans react to Matt Murdock’s walk of shame, Leap Frog debuts, Jen Walters’ rage mode at Gala & more

She-Hulk and Daredevil have sex in episode 8 of Attorney at Law, fans react to Matt Murdock’s walk of shame, Leap Frog debuts, Jen Walters’ rage mode at Gala & more

She-Hulk episode 8 finally introduces Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, well, the latest segment does more than just introduce the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen as the sexual tension between Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Matt Murdock ends with the two of them enjoying a one-nighter. All thanks to the courtroom drama and the crime-fighting twist that came from GLK&H’s client, Leap Frog. But the delightful setting soon turned somber after the incel group known as Intelligencia interrupted Jen’s award ceremony at the Gala with a startling and disturbing videotape, here’s a recap of the moments that’s got MCU fans sharing their thoughts on social media.     

Not all heroes wear capes, similarly, not all costume donning self-proclaimed vigilantes deserve the superhero title as the penultimate episode of She-Hulk makes that clear with the debut of Leap Frog. The “Guard Frog” manages to “ribbit and rip it” his legs with third-degree burns after a flight gone wrong incident. Unfortunately for Jen, it’s Griffin Matthews‘s Luke Jacobson (her costume designer) that she is forced to go up against in court, suing for manufacturing defects and seeking compensatory damage. 

She-Hulk’s courtroom battle does not go in her favor as Luke is represented by the one and only, Murdock from Hell’s Kitchen. The case proceeding turns into a debate about a superhero’s privacy after Jen argues in court for access to Luke’s client list. But fans’ favorite blind lawyer counters that by arguing that Luke’s customers can’t be stripped of their anonymity by a shaky “What If” and also points out that the Sokovia accords have been repealed. Furthermore, thanks to a little help from Daredevil’s heightened senses, Matt makes Leap Frog confess to using jet fuel for the booster, going against the instructions given by the manufacturer. 

She-Hulk fans are loving Daredevils’ Walk of Shame and the end-credits scene

While She-Hulk loses in court, Matt manages to reconcile with Jen at the Legal Ease bar. However, the two are interrupted by their late-night client call but not before Murdock offers some words of advice “Jen Walters can use the law to help people when society fails them and She-Hulk can help people when the law fails them.” Walters is forced to go on a business meeting held by Todd (Jon Bass) where he reveals to have purchased a Wakandan spear. This could be a further hint towards the vibranium weapon playing a part in the She-Hulk finale but more to that later. 



After declining the creepy move by Todd, She-Hulk ditches her client to head back home but she’s again pulled back into work by Leap-Frog. Jen wearing her superhero outfit finds the green-suited vigilante being attacked by none other than Daredevil. After a brief showdown between the two (as earlier revealed in the preview), Jen stops Daredevil from pursuing his target with a sonic clap though it also helps her learn its Matt the blind lawyer fighting goons in the night with his “echolocation” ability. 

The two soon catch up and Jen finds out Leap-Frog has kidnapped Luke Jacobson, forcing him to design another suit. Fortunately, She-Hulk and Daredevil together, easily knock out the Leap squad and rescue Luke, which also helps Jen reconnect with her costume designer to make her a dress for the Gala. 

Daredevil’s fight sequence against the goons in the warehouse has got Marvel fans in nostalgia over the Netflix series’ famous alleyway scene where Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is a one-man army. But the better part of the episode, at least according to the larger fanbase was Daredevil and She-Hulk having sex and Murdock making the walk of shame in the morning. It’s got many hoping Jen makes a cameo in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series. Readers can check out reactions below.

Even amid all the excitement, She-Hulk episode 8 crashed the party with the climax when Jen, Mallory and the rest of the attorneys receive their awards at the Gala. The moment is interrupted by a hack by Intelligencia, sharing all of Jen’s dating profile matches but the worst of all, the non-consented sex tape is played on the screen, making She-Hulk go into a fit of rage and punching the screen to smithereens. The penultimate episode ends with Damage control holding her at gunpoint.

She-Hulk finale, episode 9 will air next Thursday on Disney Plus. 




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