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She-Hulk episode 9, Skaar, Matt Murdock

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She-Hulk meets Kevin & Marvel’s writing team in episode 9 of Attorney at Law, fans react to Hulk’s son Skaar, Jen reunites with Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, X-Men tease & more

She-Hulk meets Kevin & Marvel’s writing team in episode 9 of Attorney at Law, fans react to Hulk’s son Skaar, Jen reunites with Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, X-Men tease & more

She-Hulk episode 9 was a lot to process, from watching Jen Walters’ stroll down Marvel Studios HQ to meet Attorney at Law’s writing team and K.E.V.I.N. to unpacking the surprising reveal of Hulk’s son, Skaar  — the Tatiana Maslany starrer series’ finale sticks the landing by prioritizing She-Hulk’s journey whilst also including a few interesting easter egg nods to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the X-Men. Here is a recap of the best scenes from She-Hulk chapter nine that has MCU fans in excitement for what the future holds. 

Taking up after the events of the penultimate episode where She-Hulk rampages due to Intelligencia’s incel-ish personal assault — Jen Walters is locked up in Damage Control prison, the same place Abomination was at. But compared to that opening sequence featuring Walters’ 80s horror-styled nightmare, Jen seems to look at her real-world consequences as a relief. 

Jen’s outburst comes at a cost as Mallory advises her to sign a plea deal which means wearing an ankle bracelet and prohibiting her from transforming into She-Hulk. She also loses her job at GLK&H and is forced to move back into her parent’s home, however, with Nikki’s help — Jen begins to form a pattern to track down Intelligencia and its admin, HulkKing. Although she finds herself at a dead end, Nikki manages to get Pug to go undercover (by sharing a twerking clip of a young Jen from Law school) to one of their secret meetings. 

With Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) still unreachable due to his stay in Sakaar, Jen decides to take a trip to Emil Blonsky’s retreat for a mental health break. But things take a turn when Intelligencia’s creepy meet-up is revealed to be held at Abomination’s retreat. 

Events soon escalate as Abomination arrives to give a pep talk to Intelligencia’s members (that explains his cheerful appearance in the midseason preview) and Jen is startled to see Todd at the center of it all. Moreover, Todd is unmasked as the founder of Intelligencia and the man who hired Josh to record Jen’s sex tape as well as steal her blood to acquire She-Hulk’s gamma-radiated abilities. 

She-Hulk episode 9 introduces Hulk-Todd but there’s a catch

After Todd turns to Hulk-Todd, Professor Hulk appears out of nowhere and Titania in the same fashion. Hulk begins to fight Abomination while Jen remains flabbergasted by the entire twist. “This is a mess. None of these storylines make any sense,” says Jen breaking the fourth wall. Surprisingly, the scene is interrupted to show the home screen of Disney Plus as She-Hulk’s fourth wall performance takes over to pop out of her series and jump into Marvel Studios ASSEMBLED.

She-Hulk lands on the Walt Disney Studios’ lot and takes a walk to the Attorney at Law writers’ room to have a chat about her finale. She-Hulk proceeds to argue with the team (head writer Jessica Gao is also present among them) about the ending and decides to take it up to MCU’s Chief Kevin Feige though weirdly, he’s referred to as K.E.V.I.N. 

After beating up the security guard stopping her from meeting Kevin at Marvel Studios, She-Hulk finds herself facing a giant AI brain like Jarvis. There’s a brief hint to the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever when K.E.V.I.N. asks her to revert back to Jen, “But wait until the camera is off you. The visual effects team has moved to another project.” and cue the Black Panther theme.

It’s revealed that Kevin’s advanced entertainment algorithm produces “near-perfect products”. But Jen remains unhappy about the events of She-Hulk episode 9. After a back and forth, Jen gets to give her closing argument on the legal comedy show by changing the traditional third act that Marvel Studios is known for. 

“The marvel cinematic universe is known for its big spectacles and high-stakes plotlines but its often said that Marvel movies all end the same way…,” says Jen. She further explains “Perhaps, this is a result of following some unwritten rule that you have to show a bunch of plot and flash and a whole blood thing that seems super suspiciously close to super solider serum at the audience in the climax. I propose we don’t have to do that.”

K.E.V.I.N. processes the new date and asks her for the new ending she proposes. It further leads to the removal of the blood plot, Bruce swooping in from outer space to save the day, Abomination’s arc is changed to hold him accountable for his action and the climax is brought to day-light. But Jen has more requests, like “would not mind seeing Daredevil again. A woman has needs.” Jen’s candid fourth-wall discussion has won over Marvel fans, as can be seen in the reactions below.

She-Hulk episode 9 goes on a comedy skit as Jen begins to question the daddy issue plot in the MCU starting with Tony Stark, Thor, Loki and Star-Lord. She then immediately asks, “When are we getting the X-Men? (throwing a thumb-ups for audiences).” But Kevin brushes off the question instantly. 

After obliterating the ending Kevin formulated, She-Hulk gives the AI robot a listen of Hulk smashes things such as She-Hulk when she “smash fourth walls and bad endings. And sometimes, Matt Murdock.

Back to the climax, She-Hulk confronts Todd but not with her fist rather lays the lawsuit on him, “I’ll see you in court, babe.” Daredevil drops out of nowhere but unfortunately is late to the party. But fret not, Matt Murdock is in the town for a week and staying at Jen’s parents’ house. 

The final twist of She-Hulk episode 9 is Hulk’s actual return from Sakaar but Bruce arrives with a special surprise, i.e. his son  Skaar. Could this mean a World War Hulk is coming? lets hope so. She-Hulk finale ends with Jen accepting both sides of her life as a superhero and as an Attorney at Law. But the future is bright for fans’ favorite legal expert and perhaps she could even pop up in another Marvel series. 

It should be noted that Abomination is broken out of prison by Wong, yet again in the She-Hulk episode 9 post-credits scene. So Emil’s future appearance also seems all but confirmed.




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