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‘Shots from Josstice league’- Max Original’s Superpowered: The DC Story Docuseries faces backlash for excluding Zack Snyder & ZSJL footage

‘Shots from Josstice league’- Max Original’s Superpowered: The DC Story Docuseries faces backlash for excluding Zack Snyder & ZSJL footage

The three-part docuseries, Superpowered: The DC Story trailer is facing backlash for including the 2017’s Justice League (Josstice League) instead of Zack Snyder‘s director cut. The documentary announced in 2021 & directed by Leslie Iwerks reviews the legacy of the DC Comics brand covering from its inception to evolution over the 90 years of its existence, which paved the way for iconic live-action adaptations like the  Christopher Reeve starrer 1978 Superman to 2017’s Wonder Woman.

It’s fair to say 2023’s The Flash was the culmination of DC Extended Universe which began with Snyder’s Man of Steel. Although it hasn’t been a successful journey for the DC Film franchise like the MCU – the inter-connected universe or better known as the Snyderverse still managed to draw audiences from all walks of life arguably thanks to Zack’s vision.

Unfortunately, neither the director’s work from ZSJL nor his interview is part of the Superpowered: The DC Story trailer and it has not gone unnoticed. The trailer begins with James Gunn discussing the topic of heroism but it should be noted the filmmaker was not yet on board as the DC Studios chief. So the director appears to be a part of the docu for directing 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile, The reason behind Snyders exclusion can be found in Rolling Stone’s August 2022 report on the Batgirl cancellation. RS revealed that filmmaker Iwerks did request to license clips from Zack Snyder’s Justice League during the documentary’s production. However, the 100 Years of Warner Bros. director “was told there is only one Justice League: the 2017 incarnation.”

Fans point out Josstice League footage in Superpowered: The DC Story

It can be argued the WB regime in 2021 had a different mindset towards the director’s cut since The Flash movie acknowledges  ZSJL as canon. Nevertheless, the use of Josstice League footage has still irked many while it includes newcomers like Dwayne Johnson for Black Adam but no sign of Snyder.

Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy was also nowhere to be seen in the trailer but the director is part of the three-part documentary. While Superpowered: The DC Story addresses the Watchmen series during Damon Lindelof‘s interview part, the 2009’s R-rated feature based on Alan Moore‘s work was not included though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made the cut.

Even so, the documentary deserves a bit of praise for including artists such as J. M. DeMatteis, well known for his writing credits in the Justice League Unlimited animated series. However, the Snyderverse fandom is still not budging from criticizing the studio as can be seen in the reactions below.

While Zack is not in the trailer, it is still possible the documentary could use archive footage of the director’s interviews shot for past DC Films. In fact, even Christopher Reeves’ archives are being used for Superpowered: The DC Story.

Superpowered: The DC Story is narrated by Rosario Dawson and includes archival interviews from the DC Film DCTV cast & crew like Henry Cavill, Patty Jenkins, Melissa Benoist and even veterans such as Jim Lee, Greg Berlanti and many more. The series will be available to stream from July 20 on Max.




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