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‘Snyder cut diss’: Barbie movie’s snyderverse reference has BvS director fans weighing in but detractors expect review bombing, Greta Gerwig responds

‘Snyder cut diss’: Barbie movie’s snyderverse reference has BvS director fans weighing in but detractors expect review bombing, Greta Gerwig responds

The Barbie movie has surprisingly found itself caught up in the Snyder cut conversation (aside from clashing with Oppenheimer) on social media. The Mattel-based fantasy comedy reportedly makes a reference to the Snyderverse/DCEU but detractors of the director’s cut movement are already considering the possibility of the Snyder fans boycotting Barbie or review bombing on RT. But the ZSJL supporters are rather divided over Snyder cut mention.

Warner Bros. Pictures might want to include a trigger warning in the dreamhouse exploring comedy feature for Snyderverse fans going by Nerdist’s interview with Greta Gerwig. Apparently, according to the interviewer, there is a provocative reference aimed at the DCEU in Barbie. The scene in question is rumored to involve Margot Robbie‘s Barbie turning into Harley Quinn and Ryan Gosling‘s Ken as the Joker.

UPDATE: The reference to Snyder Cut in Barbie involves Alexandria Shipp‘s character stating, “It’s like I’ve been in a dream where I was really invested in the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League.” More details regarding the sequence would engage in spoiler territory.

While Greta Gerwig appears to refrain from addressing the reference to avoid sharing spoilers – the director’s response “No … not at all” when asked if she is prepared for the impact does raise questions if it could be a dig or a nod at DC’s shared universe. Nonetheless, there remains concern over possible review bombing though the movie’s early acclaimed reactions may have assured its box office success.

A few Snyder fans were rather ignorant of the reference in Barbie calling it just the filmmaker’s attempt “to get a reaction so they get some free publicity” as one user @snydercutfan noted.

This is not the first time a Warner Bros. Pictures produced project mocked or included a nod to the 2017’s Justice League directors cut. In fact, Zack Snyder had a cameo in Teen Titans Go! episode 365 which also featured a brief sequence reimagining what a Snyder-esque fight between Darkseid and the Titans led by Robin would look like. Whereas the Harley Quinn animated series took a direct dig at the movement as a whole and its fanbase.

Clearly, for better or worse – the Snydeverse campaign has been immortalized in Pop Culture. With the fandom still comparatively huge – it makes sense for projects in the same sphere to utilize its reach for free marketing or even as a light-hearted reminder. As insider SyL claimed, “The so-called barbie snydercut “diss” is more of a meta dig at the studio and not shade towards Snyder or his fans”.

Even avid Snyder supporters like @DaveePena reminded folks the Snyder cut is “part of Pop culture. Embrace the jokes..” Moreover, although the exact details of the reference are unclear – the nod seems to be in regards to Margot Robbie appearing as Harley from the DCEU and her partner Ken portrayed by Ryan Gosling playing The Joker. Gosling was also originally approached to play the Clown Prince of Crime’s role before Jared Leto.

Gerwig’s fantasy comedy has not shied away from including other easter eggs like the first trailer paying homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Furthermore, there are also nods to the 1939’s The Wizard of Oz. So Snyder fans can rest assured the feature is probably packed with several such Pop Culture mentions.

Barbie will arrive in theaters on July 21.




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