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Sony Pictures’ Masters of the Universe Is Still In Hunt For A Director

Still of 1983's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Sony Pictures’ Masters of the Universe Is Still In Hunt For A Director

Sony Pictures’ Masters of the Universe movie is yet to find a new director. The production house was reportedly in talks with Blade 3 director David S. Goyer, but, unfortunately, things couldn’t work out as the filmmaker’s prior commitments leaves him with no time to take on the He-Man franchise movie. Notably, Goyer will continue to be the executive producer and screenwriter of the Masters of the Universe reboot, reported Variety.

It came to light in November that Sony Pictures’ brought on Goyer to take over the scripting duties. The Man of Steel writer turned in with a script that got Sony excited. So, they began discussing the possibility of him directing as well. Fans got even more excited when Goyer offered a sneak peek at Teela recently. He took to Instagram to post a picture showing himself working with concept artist Carlos Huante. He could be seen pointing at a concept piece on a computer screen labeled as Teela Battle Suit. Teela is the captain of the royal guard at the palace of Eternos in the Masters of the Universe canon. The picture has currently been removed from Instagram.

But as Goyer is currently working on an adaption of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy as a miniseries and Syfy’s Krypton, he fears that his commitment to direct the Sony Pictures’ Masters of the Universe might result in some scheduling conflicts. So, he took a decision to pass on the director’s chair. Goyer is best known for co-writing films like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

It has now become an utmost priority for Sony to finalize a director for the film considering the fact that Masters of the Universe is scheduled to release on Dec. 18, 2019. In fact, the production house is currently meeting with other candidates for the director’s post hoping that they will possibly make it to the original release date.

Masters of the Universe is based on the popular Mattel toy line that was launched in 1982. It was made into an animated TV series that ran from 1983 to 1985 as well as the 1987 movie starring Dolph Lundgren film.

Do you think Sony Picture’s Masters of the Universe will be able to meet its scheduled release rate in 2019? Let us know your views in the comments below.

Source: Variety




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