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Sony’s ‘Venom’ Adds ‘Luke Cage’ Star Ron Cephas Jones To Its Cast List

Still of Venom from International trailer/ Sony

Sony’s ‘Venom’ Adds ‘Luke Cage’ Star Ron Cephas Jones To Its Cast List

Excitement is already starting to muddle around Sony Picture’s highly anticipated Spider-Man spinoff movie, Venom. The film’s trailers showcasing Tom Hardy’s complete transformation into the super-powerful alien symbiote has left fans craving for more.

According to a new report coming from The Hollywood Reporter, Luke Cage actor Ron Cephas Jones has joined the cast of the Marvel anti-hero film in an undisclosed role. Notably, Venom will be the Emmy nominated actor’s first foray into the comic book movie world. In addition to Luke Cage, Jones has also starred in television shows including This Is Us, Mr. Robot and The Get Down.

Earlier this year, Jones was attached to another big superhero film, Shazam!. He was set to play the Wizard in the DC film. But unfortunately, the role was passed on to Djimon Hounsou due to scheduling conflicts, possibly with Venom. At this moment, it is impossible to say how big Jones’ role will be in Venom as he hasn’t been seen in any of the trailers so far.

Talking more about the film, Venom marks the beginning of Sony’s Spider-Man universe, which is completely separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The upcoming film is based on the Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes comic book runs.

Venom follows the story of a journalist named Eddie Brock who comes in contact with an alien symbiote while investigating a company called Life Foundation that experiment on humans. Riz Ahmed’s Riot will serve as the film’s main antagonist. The film also stars Michelle Williams as Brock’s girlfriend Ann Weying, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Sope Aluko, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, and Scott Deckert.

Ruben Fleischer is directing the Spider-Man spinoff movie from a script co-written by Jeff Pinkner (The Dark Tower), Scott Rosenberg (Jumanji) and Kelly Marcel (Fifty Shades of Grey).

Venom is scheduled to arrive in theatres on Friday, October 5, 2018.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




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