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Spawn: Creator Todd McFarlane Is Open To Let His Creations Go To Netflix

Spawn Cover from Image Comics

Spawn: Creator Todd McFarlane Is Open To Let His Creations Go To Netflix

The growing popularity of Netflix and other streaming services has gained the attention of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane who has already begun planning to bring the property to one of such online streaming services.

During a recent interview with, the Spawn creator discussed a potential digital future for the property. When asked if he would ever sell a Spawn property to a streaming service, McFarlane said he would not mind considering it.

Yes to all of the above,” McFarlane said. “I think the world’s changing in front of our very eyes in how we’re going to consume not only entertainment but even movies.”

The Spawn director speculated that considering the way the entertainment industry is currently evolving, days are not far when audiences would be able to watch new movies on their computers without the need of going to a theatre.

“There might be a day when you hit a button and Star Wars is on your computer and you won’t have to go to the theatre,” McFarlane said.

He said at the end of the day, he would only want people to see his movies, regardless of how they consume it.

“I want human beings to see it,” McFarlane said. “Whatever that device is, whatever that delivery mechanism is, I’m not going to get married to a distribution model that may not be as relevant or as efficient because that’s how you used to do it. I’ll talk to all of them.”

McFarlane is set to begin production work on his upcoming Spawn reboot film sometime around June next year. Spawn is expected to be filmed in Toronto under the working title “Tony Dynamite”.  Jamie Foxx will play the role of Al Simmons/Spawn in the upcoming film with Avengers’ Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner set to play the fan-favorite detective Twitch. The film has no release date attached yet.

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