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Spawn Reboot Movie: Jamie Foxx Praises Co-Star Jeremy Renner

Spawn Cover from Image Comics

Spawn Reboot Movie: Jamie Foxx Praises Co-Star Jeremy Renner

Todd McFarlane is currently busy casting actors for his upcoming Spawn reboot movie. It recently came to light that the filmmakers have roped in the Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner to portray the role of the fan-favorite detective Twitch Williams.  Another celebrated actor who is already confirmed to be on board is Jamie Foxx who will be seen playing the titular antihero, Al Simmons/Spawn

During a recent interview with Yahoo!, Foxx revealed his excitement to play a character that is different from all other superheroes.

Spawn is one of the most interesting characters,” the actor said. “Because he’s blessed by God but he’s raised by the Devil, in a sense.”

Foxx also admitted that he is quite excited to have got an opportunity to work alongside Avengers alum Jeremy Renner in the upcoming Spawn reboot movie.

And Jeremy Renner — I interviewed him on Off Script, and every time I’d see Jeremy Renner, I’d go, ‘You’re not just an actor, you’re a bad motherf***er. You’re different — really different,'” Foxx said. “So doing Spawn is like doing a three-man trio; there isn’t a lot of instrumentation, but everybody that’s playing has to be a badass. So I’m practicing. Todd McFarlane is already a badass.”

He added that the mere fact that Renner is his co-actor in the R-rated supernatural thriller comic book movie makes him feel good about the project.

But then you see Jeremy Renner, and you go, wow,” the Collateral actor said. “Because the script revolves around the character Twitch, and you can look at Jeremy Renner’s face for an hour and a half and be moved. That’s a wonderful partner, and it makes you feel good about the project.”

The Spawn reboot movie is yet to get a release date. It is expected that the filmmakers will reveal Spawn Reboot’s official release date only when the film enters into production likely by the end of this year. The film is said to be made on a small budget of $10 million.

Source:  Yahoo!




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