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Spider-Man: Homecoming- Abilities Of New Spidey Suit Explained!

Spider-Man: Homecoming- Abilities Of New Spidey Suit Explained!

The new friendly neighborhood spidey played by Tom Holland is all set to make history in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The reboot standalone is the first film to unite Sony and Marvel, giving the superhero a chance to be part of the Avengers. But that’s not the only exciting factor.

Over the years, we have seen Peter Parker struggle on his own in creating the perfect costume. Fortunately, this time, the superhero has Iron Man to help him create a futuristic suit that not only hides his identity but also aids him during battle.

Recently, Los Angeles Times had a chat with Director Jon Watts and broke down the new Spidey suit to understand its new technological upgrades. It looks like the costume is as interactive as Tony Stark’s Iron Man design.

By far, the trailer has revealed that Spidey’s suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming is capable of performing the following moves:

The Spidey symbol also used as a tiny drone

GPS tracking system

Web wings

Upgraded web shooter

Explosive web snares

Web wings

Expressive Eyes

Auto-fit suit

During LA times chat with Watts, the director was willing to share the struggle Kevin Feige, costume designer Frogley and himself went through. Moreover, they also revealed that they “were tasked with trying to build a practical suit that looked like the perfect computer-generated suit they had made for ‘Civil War,’” according to Watts.

The director also confirmed that the new Spider-Man will be using his web in new ways that fans have never seen before. However, it hasn’t been exaggerated as well.

“We don’t go quite as far as having web skis,” Watt said. “But you do get to see the webs doing more than just a regular strand.”

Fans can read the entire story on LA Times. Spider-Man: Homecoming releases on July 7th. 2017.

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