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Star Wars 9: Kevin Smith Teases Final Shot Of Film, Will Melt Fans’ Minds

Star Wars 9/Lucasfilm

Star Wars 9: Kevin Smith Teases Final Shot Of Film, Will Melt Fans’ Minds

As the Summer movie season approaches its end for the year, Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars 9 is one of the last few big blockbuster releases left for 2019. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker will be the franchise’s conclusion of its sequel trilogy and the filmmakers behind this final project seem to be well aware of its expectations and may have something big instill for the fandom or at least that’s what Kevin Smith is teasing.

Speaking to IGN, Kevin Smith revealed that he was invited by director J.J. Abrams to visit the set of Star Wars 9 during its filming in London. Smith recalled the incident when he suffered from a dangerous heart attack and it was then that Abrams wrote to him “pull through” and visit the set after his recovery.

Smith held Abrams to his word and visited the Pinewood set in London and during the time, he learnt about a big set which he was told would “melt his mind” and was told to as J.J. about it. Smith later found out from the director that it was in fact the final shot of the film.

As much as Smith couldn’t hold in his excitement to see the final shot of Star Wars 9–Abrams advised him not to see and said, “You want to be in a theater when this happens, trust me.” Later on, some of the crew members also told Smith that they wished they hadn’t seen it on set.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we won’t be learning the specific details of the last shot till Star Wars 9 premieres this December. Hopefully, if Smith’s words are true, Abrams clearly seems to have outdone himself with the final title of the Skywalker saga and could possibly deliver a movie which would leave fans awestruck by the end.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases on December 20, 2019.




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