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Stranger Things Season 3: Fans Are Happy Maya Hawke Plays A LGBTQ Character [Reactions]

Maya Hawke as Robin in Stranger Things Season 3/ Netflix

Stranger Things Season 3: Fans Are Happy Maya Hawke Plays A LGBTQ Character [Reactions]

Stranger Things season 3 is finally available on Netflix and so far fans seem to be loving the series as it continues to tell the story of Hawkins, Indiana. But today, thethird installment of the show is beginning to trend on Twitter for finally taking the step to show diversity.

Warning: This article contains spoilers to Stranger Things Season 3. 

By the end of Stranger Things season 3, it is revealed to the audience that actress Maya Hawke, the breakout star who plays as Robin is an LGBTQ+ character. But the reveal surprises viewers as this character’s sexuality comes with a twist that fans wouldn’t have expected.

By now, its a no-brainer for anyone watching this season that relationships are a key part and we get to witness that from the start with the older characters such as Hopper and Joyce. In Season 3, a potential new love story is hinted between Steve Harrington and his fellow employee at Scoops Ahoy, Robin. But that wasn’t the romance that fans were in for but rather sets up another new relationship for season 4.

Though viewers are led to believe that the two characters have slowly developed chemistry and could possibly end up together–we soon learn that Robin and Steve will grow closer but not as lovers but rather as friends.

Robin tells Steve that she used to be obsessed with him in High School and couldn’t keep her eyes off him in their first-period class. While Steve prepares to make a move on her, we soon learn that Robin was obsessed with Steve due to her jealousy towards him since she had a crush on a girl who was into Steve. At this moment, Robin reveals to Steve that she is attracted to woman which makes her the first openly queer character on Stranger Things.

As expected, the fandom was surprised by the twist and have shown their appreciation towards Netflix and the show creators for addressing diversity and introducing the first LGBTQ+ character in the show. You can check out their reactions below.

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