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Stranger Things Season 3: Millie Bobby Brown’s Team Wanted A $500K Pay Raise

Still Of Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven from Stranger Things Season 2/ Netflix

Stranger Things Season 3: Millie Bobby Brown’s Team Wanted A $500K Pay Raise

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3 cast members have received a raise in their salaries. According to the latest report, each main actor, kids, and adults have got a massive hike in their pay cheque and will be making six figures per episode for the upcoming installment.

Netflix’s original series premiered in the year 2016 and instantly became a household name. The stars behind the massive success of the series have been able to renegotiate their salaries and have been rewarded with a whopping raise.

As per THR report, the child stars including  Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), and Noah Schnapp (Will) were making approximately $30,000 an episode for its first two seasons. The increase in their salary will now fetch them up to $250,000 per episode. Fans must note that most of these stars are newcomers and they will be taking home 12 times more than what they were earning when they started.

Meanwhile, Natalia Dyer (Nancy), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) and Joe Keery (Joe) will now be receiving $150,000 per episode. These three teenagers have contributed significantly to the Season 2 storyline and are expected to do the same in Season 3.

As for the adult stars, they were making about $100,000 an episode previously. With enormous raise in their payouts, Winona Ryder (Joyce) and David Harbor (Sheriff Hopper) will now be earning $350,000 per episode.

However, there is not much known about Millie Bobby Brown’s (Eleven) renegotiation deal. Her take-home pay still remains a mystery.

THR writer Bory Kit also contributed to this report adding some interesting details about Millie Bobby Brown’s pay raise. According to a tweet by the journalist, his sources say that the actress’ team negotiated separately from the other kids and asked for a raise of $500,000 per episode. “But didn’t get it. Not even close,” reads the tweet. You can find it below.

Meanwhile, the report suggests that Brown was already earning much more than the other kids. There is a possibility that she will be receiving the pay cheque equivalent to adult main players.

In the meantime, Stranger Things Season 3 will start filming from April 23. It will consist of eight episodes. As per the reports, the new season will introduce a 12-months’ time-jump and a new devil.

Source: THR




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