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Suicide Squad 2: Director Zack Snyder & Geoff Johns Reportedly On Producer Team

Still of Zack Snyder captured from set of London during Justice League filming

Suicide Squad 2: Director Zack Snyder & Geoff Johns Reportedly On Producer Team

The DCEU fandom has been in turmoil over the months with announcements that haven’t been in the favor of the masses. Recently, the news of James Gunn confirmed to be writing and possibly directing Suicide Squad 2 has largely received a mixed response with one of the reasons mainly being the recent firing of the director from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise for his controversial tweets.

A large part of the fanbase has been furious as the project has hit a reset button and seem to have scrapped the script that was co-written by Todd Stashwick along with David Bar Katz and Gavin O’ Connor.  Now, a recent listings report coming from Production Weekly seemingly confirms the project has gotten a clean slate and is just under ‘Development’.

The good news is the listings reveal that DCEU’s veteran Zack Snyder will be on the producer team along with Geoff Johns. Even Deborah Snyder is on board through their production company Cruel & Unusual Film.

Charles Roven still remains as the lead producer on Suicide Squad 2. Other names mentioned in the listings are Michael De Luca (confirmed earlier), Richard Suckle, Dan Lin and Andy Horwitz.

It is rumored that James Gunn won’t be moving towards writing a sequel. But rather have a “whole new take on it”. It is unclear if this would lead to a “total recasting”. Fans are already questioning if Gunn’s history with Jared Leto could lead to the exclusion of his character The Joker.

It must be noted that Suicide Squad director David Ayer is in support of the studios’ decision in hiring James Gunn. but fans’ must also know that Gunn hasn’t signed a deal to direct the project yet.

Clearly, the project has a long way to go since the writing work is just about to kick off with a clean slate. It is an interesting combination of a team. But let’s hope that Snyder an Johns’ input does have an impact on the project.

Suicide Squad 2 still does not have a release date assigned yet.

Source: Production Weekly 




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