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Suicide Squad Spinoff ‘Birds Of Prey’ Cast Lineup Dissapoints Barbara Gordon Fans

Cropped still from Batgirl and The Birds of Prey comics

Suicide Squad Spinoff ‘Birds Of Prey’ Cast Lineup Dissapoints Barbara Gordon Fans

DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey film is rumored to be a female overpowered film centered on a host of DC Comics female heroes and villains. Thanks to The Wrap, we now at least have some idea over which of the DC vigilantes will likely be making an appearance in the Suicide Squad spinoff film.

As per the report, Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, and Renee Montoya will join Harley Quinn’s girl gang in Birds of Prey. As far as the antagonist is concerned, the Suicide Squad spinoff film will feature a Batman comic’s villain who has never before appeared on the big screen.

Talking more about the characters’ specialties, Black Canary has impressive hand-to-hand fighting skills and a supersonic scream known as the “canary cry.” Her scream has the power to shatter objects and incapacitate enemies. She will likely be the de facto leader in Birds of Prey. As per the character description mentioned in the Wrap report, Black Canary aka Dinah Laurel comes from a family of crime fighters. Her father, Larry Lance, was a police officer, while her mother was the original Black Canary.

Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress, is next in the Birds of Prey line-up. She is a masked Gotham City vigilante who uses a crossbow. The female superhero was initially a member of the Justice League, but she was made to exit the group after Batman had to forcibly stop her from killing a criminal.

Cassandra Cain is probably the newest and most unknown Batgirl. She is described as one of the world’s greatest martial artists. Cain is the daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva.

Renee Montoya is a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department. She is one of DC Comics’ most prominent openly lesbian characters. Montoya adopted the Question persona and became a masked crime fighter in the comic books. In addition, Birds of Prey will also feature a Batman villain who has yet to appear on the big screen.

Unfortunately,  Barbara Gordon wasn’t part of the lineup so its possible that her character won’t be part of the movie as Batgirl as many fans expected. but there are still rumors that she may appear as the Oracle.

Twitter has erupted over the news while many are strongly implying that it can’t be a Birds of Prey movie without Barbara Gordon, others believe that even as Batgirl or Oracle, she wouldn’t go along with Harley. Check out some of the fan reactions below.

Cathy Yan will be directing Birds of Prey from a script by Bumblebee’s Christina Hodson. The film is being co-produced by Robbie and Kroll & Co Entertainment’s Sue Kroll and Clubhouse Pictures’ Bryan Unkeless.

Birds of Prey is expected to enter into production by the end of the year. The film has no release date as yet.

Source: The Wrap




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