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Supergirl Hints At Smallville Series In A Major Way

Still of Supergirl from The CW

Supergirl Hints At Smallville Series In A Major Way

The Supergirl on The CW had just hinted to WB’s Smallville, thereby suggesting that the shows might just happen in the same universe.

Supergirl has hinted at Smallville in a huge way. When Arrow debuted with its first season way back in 2012 on The CW, there were fans wondering whether it would be able to compete with Warner Bros. TV’s Smallville, which at the time was done with back-to-back 10-season.

However, Arrow stood its ground and succeeded in establishing its own DC Comics TV series. In fact, Arrow paved way to CW’s Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash.

Supergirl in its second season made an effort to further develop Kara Denver’s (Melissa Benoist) world by officially introducing her superhero cousin Clark Kent aka Superman (Played by Tyler Hoechlin). In season 1, the superhero was featured only in blurry or faraway shots. Even though Superman has made his presence felt in few of the Supergirl episodes, the show wants to remain loyal to its name. However, we now may have some more idea of Clark’s life, and how it blends into Smallville in the latest Supergirl episode titled ‘Midvale’.

The narrative goes like this – After Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) break up, Alex and Kara visit their childhood home in Midvale. The episode is mostly in a flashback sequence and takes the audience back to the time when they were in high school and trying to resolve the murder mystery of one of their classmates.

When faced with a technical problem, Kara suggests that they approach Chloe Sullivan, who is a good friend of Clark. Kara also speaks about Chloe’s Wall of Weird, both having direct reference to Smallville.

Now, Chloe (essayed by Allison Mack), as most fans will be aware, is a character that was created for Smallville. Hence, Kara mentioning Chloe and her Wall of Weird could well mean that the story of Smallville is a prequel to Supergirl.

Supergirl airs at 7:00 pm every Monday on The CW. Currently, DCTV fans are also exciting about the upcoming Arrowverse crossover which also features Supergirl.

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