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‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Episode 13 Preview: Purity Unleashes Her Anger And Wreaks Havoc

Still of Krys Marshall as Purity from Supergirl/ The CW

‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Episode 13 Preview: Purity Unleashes Her Anger And Wreaks Havoc

Supergirl Season 3 returns with all-new episode 13 next week. The upcoming segment is titled “Both Sides Now” and it gives a good look at the second World Killer Purity, as played by Guest Star Krys Marshall.

The CW has released a promo trailer for the highly anticipated installment that introduces Purity. The clip showcases Supergirl and Purity’s first confrontation. Things don’t look too good for Kara. Purity unleashes her power and anger on Supergirl and leaves her weak and defeated.

The DEO comes together to arrest Purity. However, she to be more powerful than expected. In the clip, she attacks the DEO and Supergirl back as they arrive to take her captive.

“In the world of Justice, I am Purity,” she says in the clip. Scroll down to watch the trailer.

The DEO’s attempt to keep Purity away from her sister Reign might fail. As per the synopsis, the second Worldkiller escapes the custody and join forces with her sister. Nothing can stop the two Worldkillers on their path of destruction as together they continue to wreak havoc.

This time, they attack the city’s subway tunnels. Reign is unstoppable. However, Purity might be the key to defeat Reign that Alex and Supergirl have been looking for. Alex reportedly tries out different methods to interrogate Purity and find out the key to stop Reign and further destruction.

Elsewhere, Mon-El, J’onn, and Winn devote themselves to the work of fixing the Legion ship.

“THE DEO CAPTURES ANOTHER WORLDKILLER – The DEO captures a second Worldkiller, Purity (guest star Krys Marshall). Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) use very different methods of interrogation with Purity in the hopes of finding out how to defeat Reign (Odette Annable). However, Purity escapes and attacks the city’s subway tunnels. Meanwhile, J’onn (David Harewood), Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Mon-El (Christopher Wood) band together to fix the Legion ship,” reads the official synopsis for “Both Sides Now.”

In addition, The CW has released a slew of photos from Supergirl Season 3 teasing the events of next week’s episode 13. It gives a good look at Purity as she unleashes her true power. Meanwhile, Reign returns and it isn’t good news for National City.

Fans must note that this will be Supergirl’s last episode until April. The CW series will be taking a late winter hiatus and won’t return until spring.

While Purity is certainly a very challenging enemy that Kara has come across, it won’t be the last. It was earlier revealed that a new powerful villain would be introduced in the series.

Supergirl Season 3 episode 13 airs Feb. 5 on The CW. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

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