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Supergirl Season 3 episode 15 Promo & Preview- Mon-El Trains Kara

Still of Kara and Mon-El from Supergirl Season 3/ The CW

Supergirl Season 3 episode 15 Promo & Preview- Mon-El Trains Kara

Following the much-awaited midseason premiere, Supergirl Season 3 is set to debut episode 15 next week. The upcoming segment is titled “In Search of Lost Time” and it will shed light on J’onn’s story and Kara’s training to fight the Worldkillers.

The CW has released a promo video teasing the events from Supergirl Season 3 episode 15. The trailer reveals that the agents will be hunting for the third Worldkiller, Pestilence.

In tonight’s episode, we learned about Pestilence’s lethal abilities. In a 1000 years, he will evolve into Blight, a monster that will wreak havoc on the world and destroy it. Besides, Winn’s reunion with his mother, Legion’s true plan to stop the third Worldkiller was also revealed.

As per the clip, Pestilence is not the only trouble Kara must deal with, there is also Myr’nn, J’onn’s father, who is dealing with a mysterious health issue. The upcoming episode will see the arrival of J’onn’s father, the former high religious leader of the Green Martians. He is going to cause some psychic disturbance resulting in utter chaos. J’onn will be heartbroken when he faces the truth about his father.

Elsewhere, Kara and her ex Mon-El will be spending some time together as the two train for fighting the Worldkillers. As promised by Mon-El, he helps Kara learn a few new battling techniques that he learned in the future.

There is certainly going to be a lot of tension between the former lovers. Unfortunately, Kara is still unaware of the nature of Mon-El and Imra’s relationship. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Benoist revealed that Kara still doesn’t know that “they’re in an arranged marriage.” The actress also hinted at the possibility of Kara “changing her mind” if Mon-El decides to tell her the truth.

We definitely see that Mon-El has evolved to the point where he is able to respect the situation that he’s in, despite anything that’s going on that’s conflicting or confusing for him,” Chris Wood, the actor who plays the role of Mon-El, adds. “He has this quiet subtextual argument with himself throughout the rest of the season.”

The official synopsis for “In Search of Lost Time” is as follows:

J’ONN HAS TO FACE THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS FATHER – When Myr’nn (guest star Carl Lumbly) inadvertently causes psychic disturbances at the DEO, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) must work with J’onn (David Harewood) to contain the resulting chaos. Meanwhile, Mon-El (Chris Wood) begins training Kara in fighting techniques he’s learned in the future for battling Worldkillers.

Supergirl Season 3 episode 15 airs April 23 on The CW. Be sure to keep visiting Pursue News for more information and updates.

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