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Supergirl Season 3: New Powerful Villain’s Character Description Revealed

Still of Kara from Supergirl/ The CW

Supergirl Season 3: New Powerful Villain’s Character Description Revealed

Supergirl Season 3 might be introducing a new DC Comic villain, Kalanorians. The showrunners have made a casting call for a female character that reportedly is a Kalanorian.

According to ThatHashtagShow (via The character is referred to as “Finhead,” who will be fighting Kara. The description suggests that the character is pretty violent and supersized.

“[FINHEAD] Ferocious, terrifying and aggressive, this gigantic Kalanorian woman with a Mohawk faces Supergirl in a violent battle…STUNT ACTORS, FIGHT TRAINING/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED,” reads the description for the character.

The website reveals that Kalanorian is a race of aliens originating from the planet Kalanor ruled by a tyrant ruler Despero. The speculations suggest that the arrival of Finhead might also lead to the arrival of Despero. He is one of the oldest and most physically powerful enemies of the Justice League. Despero is an alien genius with hypnotic powers.

Perhaps, the introduction of such powerful new villains could help the series get back up to its feet.

In the meantime, Supergirl is still struggling to stop Worldkiller Reign. She must stop Reign before she leads to mass destruction. Along with Reign, Kara will now have to tackle the second Worldkiller, Purity. Krys Marshall’s Worldkiller was introduced in installment titled Fort Rozz.

Next week, Samantha’s (Reign) secret might be revealed to Alex. As revealed earlier, Samantha is losing time and as soon as she realizes, she asks her friend Alex to run some tests. The results of the test might reveal the truth about Samantha.

At the same time, the show will focus on Lena Luthor, who is held responsible for the attempt to murder Morgan Edge. While Morgan has vowed to destroy her, Lena fears that her hatred towards him might push her to the dark side.

Supergirl Season 3 airs Mondays on The CW. Keep visiting Pursue News for more updates and information.

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