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“Superman vs Lobo movie would..” – fans react to James Gunn teasing a potential project for DCU’s anti-villain

“Superman vs Lobo movie would..” – fans react to James Gunn teasing a potential project for DCU’s anti-villain

James Gunn is at it again and this time, the DC Studios head teased a Lobo project for DCU, or at least that’s what fans are hoping, based on his first post on Mastadon. The cryptic image of DC’s master frag has blown up on Twitter with many hypothesizing he could even be a villain in Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2.  

Forget Black Adam but the Main Man might finally get to exchange punches with Superman. It certainly sounds like a pipe dream for long-time DC fans that have been following Lobo’s adventures since the early 1996’s Superman animated series. 

Gunn sharing an image of Lobo on Mastadon has already gone viral among DCU aficionados. In fact, it’s gotten some wondering if he could be one of the villains in the Man of Steel sequel.

In the comics, The cigar-chomping alien bounty hunter is known for his immortality. Lobo even killed everyone on his planet for fun and is the last standing Czarnian. He is usually shown with his iconic bike known as Spacehog. 

WB came close to making a big-budget Lobo movie with Michael Bay

At one point, many DC fans felt Momoa’s personality and rugged look, as portrayed in 2018’s Aquaman, were perfect to portray Lobo. Unfortunately, he was already booked to play as the King of Atlantis for DCEU. However, it hasn’t stopped some from stretching speculations that Momoa’s recently cryptic response over his “dream” project could be Lobo. Readers can check it out below.

Lobo, DCEU, James Gunn, Superman, Man of Steel 2

Lobo from DC Comics

The earlier Warner Bros. film regime attempted to make a Lobo movie with Michael Bay directing it (Though both parties never entered in negotiations). In fact, the studio wanted to introduce the anti-hero in an R-rated setting. 

A Lobo movie script was penned but required a production budget of $200 million. Screenwriter Jason Fuchs was tasked with rewriting to fit Warners and Bay’s desire but the project failed to take off.  

Gunn has been hinting at the possibility of exploring obscure characters from the DC Universe. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise since the director’s first outing with the DC Film franchise through The Suicide Squad introduced several B and C-list villains like Nathan Fillion’s TDK, Flula Borg’s Javelin, Michael Rooker’s Savant, etc. 

Gunn’s interest in unsung DC characters that are yet to make a live-action appearance is good news for WBD’s DCU. Even so, with David Zaslav’s intentions to utilize DC’s trinity namely Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, it’s safe to say the rebranded franchise could offer a variety of storytelling across film, TV and animation projects.




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