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‘Terminator’: Franchise ‘Very Likely’ To Be Revived By James Cameron

‘Terminator’: Franchise ‘Very Likely’ To Be Revived By James Cameron

Earlier last week, James Cameron’s Terminator 2 was re-released in 3D for moviegoers of this generation. Although the classic film failed to go big on its box office earning, it might not be a problem for the studio going by the director’s comment.

Entertainment Weekly recently released its September’s collectors cover issue. Pursue News was able to get its hands on the digital version and found an interview with James Cameron in which the director discusses Terminator 2 and the revival of its franchise.

In the interview, Cameron was questioned about reports that revealed he might be interested in helping revive the Terminator franchise. Here’s what he had to say.

“I would say, at this point, it’s looking very likely,” said Cameron. We’re starting to get the pieces pulled together, and we’ll probably have something to say on that fairly soon.”

When asked if this move could potentially lead to a trilogy, Cameron seemed to like the thought of it. “I like trilogies, but I’m not going to comment on that right now. It all depends on whether the first one makes money.

It’s exciting to hear that Cameron’s in the initial stages of putting together the Terminator franchise with the studio. Furthermore, it is possible that the re-release of the 3D could also be connected.

Early in the interview, the director also pointed out that there “was literally an entire generation that had not seen it [Terminator 2] in theatres.” Cameron’s films usually end up being a visual treat for fans.

While T2’s re-release in 3D may not have earned the big buck at the box office, it still may have appealed to some of the new generation of moviegoers that were fascinated by Avatar. In turn, it also hypes the new audience for the revived Terminator franchise once again under Cameron’s wings.

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