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‘That’s true’: Snyderverse is over according to Rebel Moon director, DC Studios CEO reacts, Zack shows interest in directing for Gunn’s DC & more

‘That’s true’: Snyderverse is over according to Rebel Moon director, DC Studios CEO reacts, Zack shows interest in directing for Gunn’s DC & more

It’s the end of an era for Snyderverse supporters and although that statement has been thrown around back and forth by critics, actors, detractors and studio execs – this confirmation comes directly from the architect of the DCEU, Zack Snyder. The filmmaker is ushering in a new world-building with Rebel Moon that does not involve a superhero donning a red cape or a billionaire turned vigilante rather it focuses on a band of mercenaries and their fight against a tyrannical regent.

For many folks in Hollywood, a change in direction for Warner Bros.’s billion-dollar-superhero franchise was imminent, especially considering the tumultuous journey the latter films were forced to undergo due to shaky leadership although Walter Hamada heralded the success of a few DCEU films like Shazam! & 2018’s Aquaman. So WBD CEO David Zaslav‘s hiring of James Gunn as the new DC head more or less assured the end of the inter-connected storyline that began with Man of Steel.

While Gunn confirmed it would not be a hard reboot – the announcement in February more or less confirmed the GOTG Vol. 3 director was moving away from the story & characters originally introduced in Snyderverse films. 9 months later, Zack Snyder has finally offered his say on the development.

“That chapter of his life is now closed”, Snyder said to THR. In fact, it would not be an easy task to “coax him to reopen it.” However, would he be up to directing another DC project, Zack would entertain the idea if it involves an accurate portrayal of Frank Miller‘s Dark Knights Returns.


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Zack Snyder doubled down on his statement regarding the end of Snyderverse on Vero as well. When quizzed by Snyder cut fans regarding the claim, Zack Snyder responded – “That’s true” on social media. While it’s a bittersweet moment for the fandom, many have come forward to celebrate the journey of the fan movement & set their sights on the director’s upcoming project, Rebel Moon.

It should also be noted that Zack essentially confirmed his interactions with Gunn after the latter’s hiring at DC. “I called him and said I wish all the best for him,” Snyder says. “I told him I wanted it to work.” The statement also caught Suicide Squad director David Ayer’s attention on Twitter/X, “Class”.

The DCU chief also responded to Zack’s quote: “Like I said man months ago, when I shared that he did this, Zack is a good guy.” Gunn had earlier stated Zack did not express any interest in continuing the Snyderverse.

This could be the nail in the coffin of any renewed efforts to see Snyderverse fulfilled such as the movement for Netflix to buy the IP. With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to be the final title with the DC Extended Universe branding – the new DC Film Universe would kick off with Creature Commandos and Superman Legacy.




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