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‘The Authority?’: Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn reportedly on board James Gunn’s DCU

‘The Authority?’: Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn reportedly on board James Gunn’s DCU

Matthew Vaughn is making a return to the comic book movie genre & if rumors are true, the Kingsman: The Secret Service director will be devoting his time to James Gunn‘s DCU, likely for The Authority project. The versatile filmmaker is currently revisiting the spy thriller genre but this time, it’s based on a distinctive yet-to-be-published novel, Argylle.

James Gunn’s DCU Chapter 1 is on the verge of finding new talent to helm its slew of animated, TV and movie projects. While some of Hollywood’s finest creatives like the Russo Brothers to Mike Flannagan have been candid about their interest in directing a DC-based IP – DC Studios is yet to officially sign on a filmmaker with Andy Muschietti expected to be the first to receive an offer for Brave and the Bold.

Fortunately, it looks like Gunn & Peter Safran may have been discussing with potential candidates. In fact, World of Reel claims Matthew Vaughn won’t be inclined to helm a James Bond project since “he’s committed” to DCU’s Gods and Monsters.

If true, this would back reports that claimed Vaughn was eyed to helm The Authority feature. Scooper KC Walsh also cryptically hinted at the possibility of the Kick Ass director helming the superhero ensemble based on Wildstorm Comics.

Over the years, Vaughn’s touch on the CBM genre has helped amplify audiences’ interest in comic book-based properties ranging from The Kingsman franchise to even X-Men: First Class. At one point, Matthew was also in negotiations to make Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel sequel though it failed to materialize.

It would be interesting to see Vaughn’s interpretation of The Authority, a Justice League-Esque ensemble but unlike the Superman-lead team, they are known for their extreme methods, much on the lines of The Boys. In the initial weeks of Gods and Monsters’ announcement, DCU fans were more curious to see the casting choice for Apollo and Midnighter with some hoping to see Ben Affleck & Cavill take on the respective roles.

Interestingly, Vaughn was critical of Batman v Superman stating the blend of an uplifting bright world (Man of Steel) and a gothic gritty setting did not go well together. Considering the filmmaker’s style shares similarities with Gunn’s fun yet mature interpretations -it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Kingsman director was approached for the job.

The Authority does not have a release date yet.




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