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The Batman 2: Dick Grayson’s Robin rumored for Matt Reeves helmed Part II, here’s what we know on Robert Pattinson starrer DC Film sequel

The Batman 2: Dick Grayson’s Robin rumored for Matt Reeves helmed Part II, here’s what we know on Robert Pattinson starrer DC Film sequel

Robert Pattinson‘s Dark Knight won’t be alone in patrolling Gotham City in The Batman 2 as a new rumor claims Dick Grayson a.k.a Robin is one of the new additions. The sequel to Matt Reeves‘ 2022 DC Film under the Elseworlds label has been making news lately since reports revealed production could begin some time next year in spring.

While the Snyderverse’s Batman v Superman could only go as far as introducing DCU fans to a Dead Dick Grayson’s Robin suit, it seems like the Reevesverse will go all the way in presenting the Boy Wonder in Batman Part II. If rumors are true, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son will debut in the upcoming sequel that is yet to roll the cameras.

Comic book movie/TV show scooper MTTSH revealed to a fan quizzing regarding any new characters in Batman 2, “I know Robin is in it (Dick Grayson)”. Prior to the insider’s report of Batman II’s principal photography – she also revealed

Speaking of filming, the production start date reported by insider MTTSH was initially questioned with even a community note being added to the post on X. But after further consideration – the additional note cautioning readers has been removed after the industry scooper also insisted it was not speculative although it would hinge on the Actors Strike.

Grayson was the first Robin and also the most beloved by fans who eventually took on a new superhero identity as Nightwing in the Batman universe. If so, it would be interesting if the Reevesverse also expands with a spin-off potentially further exploring Grayson’s arc from Robin to Nightwing though it’s too soon to tell.

In the case of DC Extended Universe, the Boy Wonder was killed off by the Joker, as Snyder intended and hoped to introduce Carrie Kelley’s Robin. While Reeves has also taken liberty in introducing a new take on the Batman – the director’s realism has been more in line with Nolan’s hyper-realistic portrayal so perhaps Dick’s origin could be tied to the Flying Graysons murder investigation at the Haly’s circus incident.

In any case, rumors have long indicated that Mike Flanagan‘s Clayface pitch would remain in Matt Reeves’ universe. With the insider claiming “Clayface to be involved” – it appears DC Studios could plan on introducing the shapeshifting villain in the sequel before proceeding with a standalone Clayface feature. In addition, it should be noted Clayface is not the main villain so perhaps Reeves may have in store a slew of new villains from the Batman Rogue Gallery.

The Batman 2 is still scheduled on DC Studios’ calendar for an October 3, 2025 release date. If Part Two manages to stay on track to begin filming in March 2024, the premiere date might not be subject to change but the end result depends on the Actors Strike & WGA strike hopefully resolving by the end of 2023.




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