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The Batman: Actor Jon Hamm Lists His Favorite Caped Crusader Comic Stories

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The Batman: Actor Jon Hamm Lists His Favorite Caped Crusader Comic Stories

Matt Reeves is rumored to have already handed over the first draft of The Batman film to the Warner Bros. executives. But, it’s a matter of big concern that the film is still without a lead actor attached.

Notably, Ben Affleck’s return as the Caped Crusader seems pretty much unlikely considering the fact that he is still in The Canyons rehab facility in Malibu battling his alcohol addiction. Furthermore, rumors are rife that Reeves script possibly features a story about a younger Batman.  So, it’s almost certain that fans will see a new actor wearing the cape and cowl in Reeves’ The Batman film.

The Bad Times at El Royale actor Jon Hamm is rumored to be one of the candidates being considered for the DC superhero role.

During an interview with IGN, while promoting Bad Times at El Royale, Hamm finally addressed the rumors about Batman by revealing his most loved comic book runs.

I like the Dark Knight stories, the Frank Miller limited series that they had back in the [’80s],” Hamm revealed.  “I like the Flashpoint timeline. It was a Flash kind of derivative of Batman, where he changes history and Bruce Wayne dies and his father becomes Batman. It’s very different.”

Hamm went on to express his love for the superhero and the DC Universe.

I love the whole universe. I think it’s a fascinating character and a really fun — there’s a reason that that story has kind of kept people’s imaginations going for some time. And mine,” the actor said.

Well, this is not the first time that Hamm has shown interest in the DC superhero character.

During an interview with Graham Bensinger, while promoting his series In Depth, Hamm said he would definitely like to play the Caped Crusader, as long as the script is good. However, he also confirmed that he has never been offered any such role yet.

The Batman is expected to begin production in spring 2019. The film doesn’t have a release date attached yet.

Source: IGN




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