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The Batman: Artist Hints Collaboration With Matt Reeves In Designing Batmobile

Still of Batmobile from Justice League trailer

The Batman: Artist Hints Collaboration With Matt Reeves In Designing Batmobile

Warner Bros. DC Film, The Batman is finally coming to fruition as the project officially entered its pre-production stage earlier this week. The reboot film has already chosen its new Dark Knight in Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves is in the process of looking into other actors and actresses for several roles such as Penguin, Catwoman etc.

Since the project is in the process of being pieced together it is likely that the filmmaker would also be designing a concept art document for The Batman and as fans, it does make us wonder what the new Batmobile could look like. Fortunately, though we may not have an idea of what the design for bat vehicle would look like–it seems concept artist Ash Thorp could be collaborating with Reeves to design the new version of suits and gadgets for the Dark Knight.

Thorp has worked on projects which required him to develop futuristic and inventive tech designs.  Ender’s GameBlade Runner 2049RoboCopAssassin’s Creed, and Ghost In The Shell are some of the movies that he was a part of and it seems like he might be the right person for the job.

Thorp’s possible involvement with The Batman project came to light when the concept artist responded to a fan on one of his recent Instagram posts.  The user asked “Hi @ashthorp. Was wondering if you’re also working on a new design for a certain legendary black vehicle,” with a Bat emoji indicating the upcoming Batman project in development.

Thorp’s teasing reply, “perhaps” with a black heart emoji does indicate that he’s either already in collab with the director or could be in the process of getting on board. You can check out the reply below.

More casting and hiring news are sure to come our way in the following months. Earlier this week, a tweet by Punisher creator Gerry Conway gained traction among the comic fandom for supporting a gender-swap casting of a female version of Alfred in The Batman.

The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021.

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