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The Batman: Casting For Rogue Gallery & More In Matt Reeves’ DC Film Expected Soon

Still of The Batman from Justice League/ Warner Bros.

The Batman: Casting For Rogue Gallery & More In Matt Reeves’ DC Film Expected Soon

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Matt Reeves’ The Batman project has finally entered its pre-production stage. And on the revelation of that report, several other trade websites have forth with their stories on potential actors and actresses being a contender for roles in the DC film.

A report from last week suggests that actress Vanessa Kirby is reportedly a contender for the role of Catwoman in The Batman. It was rumored that actor Andy Serkis might also have a role in the movie and could possibly engage in talks for the role of Penguin. Though nothing is certain at the moment, fans can be assured that the required process for casting actors in the movie is currently underway.

Forbes contributor Mark Hughes recently tweeted that fans should be expecting more casting news as the studio is still yet to fill out on various characters that are confirmed to appear to in the movie, especially from the comic lore’s rogue gallery.

Yes, you’ll be hearing more casting news a/b The Batman soon, as calls have gone out for a whole litany of characters, especially a wide array of villains appearing in the film. Fans are gonna go nuts when they hear names & # of characters, Reeves is building a full bat-world,” reads the tweet.

A fan tweeted to the journalist sharing his opinion over the need to finally establish a modern age Robin from the bat family but also stated that it could just be wishful thinking at this point. But that might not be the case.

“Don’t be too sure that it’s just “wishful thinking…,” wrote Hughes. “I have heard strong indications Dick Grayson will show up in one or more of the films Reeves is expected to make. Hopefully the info is accurate and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later!.” You can find the tweets below.

In other Batman News, Concept artist Ash Thorp, well known for his works in movies like Blade Runner 2049 has confirmed that he is working on The Batman project or at least on the new version of Batmobile.

The Batman will release on June 25, 2021.

Source: Mark Hughes




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