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The Batman Director Looked Into Jekyll & Hyde For Inspiration While Working On Story

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The Batman Director Looked Into Jekyll & Hyde For Inspiration While Working On Story

The Batman director Matt Reeves submitted the first draft of the film’s script to Warner Bros. earlier this month and if recent reports are to be believed the studio has given a green light to the draft.

The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez recently posted a tweet that said that the studio loves Reeves’ first draft of The Batman script, and is set to do revisions on it. He also confirmed that the film will likely begin filming in the summer of 2019.

LIL BATMAN UPDATE: The studio loves Matt Reeves’ first draft of his BATMAN script, he is currently doing revisions & the film is being eyed for a hopeful summer 2019 production start. Of note, the current DC regime is committed to getting this take on the Caped Crusader correct!” the tweet read.

Notably, Reeves’ The Batman script is not the first script for the film. Actor Ben Affleck who was earlier attached to the film as the director had already written a script which according to reports was pretty great as well. But after Affleck decided to step down from the director’s chair to focus on acting, the studio roped in Matt Reeves to helm the film, who decided to pen down a script from the scratch.

Reeves recently appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote the upcoming Fox drama series The Passage. When a reporter asked him to comment on Batman’s identity specifically, if the real person is Batman or Bruce Wayne, the director compared the film’s story to the classic Jekyll and Hyde story.

Gosh, that’s a tough question,” Matt Reeves told Indie Wire. “I think that it’s interesting, because one of the things that I’ve found interesting, just as we’re working on the story, is looking back at Jekyll and Hyde, and the idea of your shadow-self, and the idea of, we are all multiple things. It’s different aspects of who we are, and I think there are times when maybe the surface of Bruce is not really who he is, but that’s his disguise. There are times when Batman’s the disguise, but there are times when his true essence comes out because by being veiled, a kind of instinctual side comes out that’s very pure.”

Reeves went on to explain that the Caped Crusader has different aspects. He has both a light and a dark side.

It’s not an easy question to answer, in that I think that we are all made up of so many different aspects of ourselves that make the whole,” The Batman director explained. “I don’t know if you could ever reduce anyone to one part of what they express. That’s what’s fun about his character, is that there’s a very bright light that shines on his shadow side. The idea of all of that is incredibly exciting. It’s part of what makes it fun for me to work on.”

As The Batman film is finally taking shape, we are expecting information about the film’s cast and storyline to be announced soon.

Source: Indie Wire




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