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The Batman: Eiza Gonzalez breaks silence on losing Catwoman role

Eiza Gonzalez as KT in Bloodshot, directed by David SF Wilson. Photo: Graham Bartholomew. Copyright: 2020 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Batman: Eiza Gonzalez breaks silence on losing Catwoman role

Eiza Gonzalez has certainly come a long way since her appearance in the supernatural series, From Dusk till Dawn. Recently the actress also had the opportunity to get her feet wet in a sci-fi comic book movie project, Bloodshot. But even with such a bright career ahead, the star is heartbroken over losing another gig with Warner Bros.’ The Batman movie.

The 2017’s breakout star from Baby Driver, Gonzalez – has steadily grown herself a fanbase and was quick to lay her eyes on career-defining roles like Catwoman for The Batman movie. But unfortunately, the actress lost the role to Zoe Kravitz.

For those unaware, Gonzalez was one of the actors that were on the shortlist for the role of Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The actress even camera tested for the role and was one of the finalists but ended up losing the role.

Recently, Gonzalez spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed during the interview that she had gone “far down the line” in auditioning for Catwoman and was heartbroken after learning she couldn’t bag the role.

“It’s impossible not to [get your hopes up], especially when you get so far down the line,” Gonzalez explained. “It’s part of why you’re so far down the line because you’re living and dreaming the character. For my prep for every role, I’m kind of a weirdo, especially when I’m already at the camera test stage or really deep into it. I will live and breathe the character; I’m more traditional in that sense. It is heartbreaking; it is always hard. You have to envision yourself in the role in order to see the role. You can’t have one foot in and one foot out. When I started my career, I was more like that, and I wouldn’t get that far. In a sense, it didn’t hurt as much, but I didn’t give it the best version of what I thought I could do. So, now I do, and I just go through the heartbreak afterwards. I always explain it as this relationship that you work on. You fall in love, you go through all the stages — and it never really solidifies. So, it’s this process that never has closure; it just goes away. So, it feels like a relationship that didn’t result in anything.”

Gonzalez had even won over a section of the DCEU community and was one of the main choices of fancast for the Catwoman role. The actress advocated for the role on social media back in 2017, when Ben Affleck was still expected to reprise the Batman role in a solo film. But the actress also noted that the industry’s nature to be ever-changing could have the doors open for future DC projects.

“It’s always heartbreaking, but what I’ve learned with time, those relationships that you curate and the people that you meet don’t go away,” Gonzalez continued. “I’ve been in situations where they’ve seen me for different roles that didn’t work out — but then they come around for something else. The beauty of our industry is it’s never-ending; it’s always evolving and transforming. I’m just lucky and grateful that I’ve had the chance to meet incredible directors and be part of incredible projects. Growing up in Mexico, I never would’ve thought I’d be doing these types of projects.”

Perhaps, Gonzalez may still have a chance in being a part of the DCEU in a possible future DC role.
Meanwhile, production on The Batman movie has been halted due to the growing concerns of the Coronavirus outbreak. Stay tuned for more updates.




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