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The Boys season 4 receives lowest RT score but fans are still excited, ‘80% is still..’

The Boys season 4 receives lowest RT score but fans are still excited, ‘80% is still..’

Unfortunately, the verdict on The Boys season 4 on Rotten Tomatoes is lower than the certified score awarded for the first season. But top critics’ reviews still assure it’s a strong season packed with fans’ favorite villain Homelander (Antony Starr) being more evil aside from balancing it out with dark humor, gritty violence and comedy. Season 4 is also expected to weave in the plot points addressed in Gen V.

With 36 reviews in, Rotten Tomatoes has certified The Boys season 4 as Fresh with an 81% score as of this writing. The official social media handle for the show also responded to the fresh tomato rating with the iconic Homelander meme from season 3. However, some were taken aback by the rating drop, “that’s a little worrying” noted one fan on social media while comparing its score to season two and three.

On the bright side, some folks are unphased by the rating since season 4’s 81% score is not too far off from season 3’s 98% fresh stamp. Some also noted that the previous season was “too peak” to follow up and rightly so with episodes like Herogasm receiving the most spotlight.

Anticipation among fans is at an all-time high considering the upcoming segment is the penultimate season. The surprising announcement came from series showrunner Eric Kripke hours following the embargo lift for THe Boys season 4. Calling it a “gory, epic, moist climax” ” the creator also offered insight into how the final arc would wrap up both Billy Butcher and Homelander’s story.

“There’s other corners of the universe to explore, but this particular story is Homelander and Butcher crashing into each other,” said Kripke while speaking to Discussing Film. Readers can check out fans’ reactions to the RT score below.

Will Billy & Homelander ultimately die facing off each other? It remains to be seen but Butcher’s demise was hinted at in the season 3 finale when we saw him suffering from the consequences of abusing Temp V. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume it won’t be the end of The Boys franchise. Gen V season 2 began production in May after undergoing rewrites following the untimely death of Chance Perdomo.

The Boys season 4’s first three episodes will premiere on June 13.




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