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The Flash movie: Barry Allen gets a new speedster suit from Ben Affleck’s Batman, reveals tie-in comic

The Flash movie: Barry Allen gets a new speedster suit from Ben Affleck’s Batman, reveals tie-in comic

Barry Allen is going to need a new friction-resistant suit in the upcoming The Flash solo movie and fortunately, Ben Affleck’s Batman comes in the clutch, as the film’s prequel comic reveals. The speedster feature will introduce the multiverse in the DC Extended Universe so other than Batfleck, the Flash will also interact with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight from the Burtonverse – exploring a never before seen world and new superheroes such as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

Batman and The Flash developed a duo dynamic in Justice League so a team-up was expected but was sadly sidetracked due to uncertainties of Affleck’s involvement and the changes at Warner Bros. films. However, with the movie all set for summer 2023, the studio has released the long overdue tie-in comic featuring the two DC heroes fighting crime.

One of the panels from the prequel comic titled “The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1” (via: Bleeding Cool) reveals The Flash and Batman engaged in battle but the speedster’s suit is torn in shreds from his encounter with the villain Girder. Luckily, Alfred and Batman have been busy in the Batcave building a new speedster-resistant suit using Wayne Tech.

The Batman hands The Flash a costume ring saying, “That’s a little gift from Alfred and me to usher in that new era.” Moreover, it seems like Batman is Barry Allen’s influence to further pursue his crime-fighting days as “The Fastest Man Alive”.

The Flash, Batman

The Fastest Man Alive tie-in comic to The Flash

Barry’s first metal-plated protective suit was built with spaceship materials that prevent burn-up from re-entry. However, it doesn’t seem to protect the user from energy beams, as revealed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League when The Flash was shot by a Parademon during the speed force sequence.

Affleck’s return in The Flash is still surrounded by mysteries since rumors indicated it might not be his last run donning the cape. The character also has unfinished business with Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom so it remains to be seen if the DCEU’s original Batman is here to stay a little longer.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on Jun 23, 2023.




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