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The Flash movie leak reveals [Spoilers] CGI Superman, The CW’s Jay Garrick speedster & all other brief appearances

The Flash movie leak reveals [Spoilers] CGI Superman, The CW’s Jay Garrick speedster & all other brief appearances

It appears Henry Cavill‘s Superman cameo was not the only surprising guest appearance The Flash movie has to offer [MAJOR SPOILERS] and a new insider report confirms the rumor that Christopher Reeve‘s Man of Steel is one among them. Warner Bros. has been screening a dozen preview fan shows lately but spoilers for the speedster flick surfaced online as early as April after its exclusive premiere show at CinemaCon.

The Flash certainly looks like DCU’s version of No Way Home – not only for its multiverse plot but also for utilizing the DC’s live-action lore to its best. While the recent TV spot gave away Jeremy Irons’ return as Alfred Pennyworth – scooper CWGST states it is just one of the ten cameos (including Ben Affleck‘s Batman).

Earlier this week, Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman appearance was spoiled after clips of the Arthur Curry post-credits scene leaked online. Though aside from the Atlantian, Snyderverse’ Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) has a cameo role too.

Joining Christopher Reeve & Henry Cavill’s faceless cameo (if it is taken into consideration) is another CGI Supes portrayed by George Reeves from the 1952 run of Adventures of Superman. This along with Nicolas Cage‘s Supe brings it to a total of four Supermen from different adaptations/universes. Similarly, the Batmen are not short on count either with George Clooney‘s Dark Knight appearing at the end.

The CW’s Jay Garrick as Flash but no Grant  Gustin

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is also not alone as the insider’s report claims a CGI’d Helen Slater as Supergirl pops at some point. Last but certainly the most surprising of them all is Teddy Sears – The CW’s Jay Garrick adaptation. Surprising as it sounds – there is sure to be dissent over the filmmaker’s decision to use this version of The CW’s Flash rather than Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen or the original Jay Garrick played by John Wesley Shipp. Altogether, Scooper CanWeGetSomeToast indicates there are 11 cameo characters. Readers can check it out below.

The Flash

insider CWGST The Flash cameos

The Flash movie is yet to receive an audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes but currently stands at 71% with a red tomato status as of this writing. While its critical acclaim has been nowhere close to the likes of Dark Knight – audiences’ anticipation remains high.

The Flash will premiere in theaters on June 13.




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