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The Flash Movie recap: Supergirl & Michael Keaton’s Batman [Spoiler] twist, fans discuss Nicolas Cage’s Superman, bad CGI, George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne and other best & worst moments

The Flash Movie recap: Supergirl & Michael Keaton’s Batman [Spoiler] twist, fans discuss Nicolas Cage’s Superman, bad CGI, George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne and other best & worst moments

The Flash movie’s surprising twist in [MAJOR SPOILERS] killing off Michael Keaton‘s Batman and Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl was not the only element that caught DCEU fans off guard. The cameo-galore featuring the likes of heavily CGI-enhanced Nicolas Cage as Superman, Teddy Sear as the speedster Jay Garrick and the nods to Flashpoint whilst delivering a unique multiverse story makes it an entertaining experience. Though not everyone in the DCU fandom is in agreement.

Unfortunately, The Flash is not one of the best superhero movies from the CBM genre nor DCEU’s finest (as highlighted in critics’ reviews & RT scores). Nevertheless, right from the opening act, the film teases the potential of an inter-connected universe starting off with Ben Affleck‘s Batman on a chase to stop Al Falcone from potentially leveling Gotham.

Other DCEU characters like Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), a faceless Henry Cavill’s Superman and lastly Wonder Woman are also in the mix. But the focus remains on Barry Allen saving the day, particularly a bunch of babies and a dog. After the fan-service sequence which ends with an interesting interaction between Diana and Bruce thanks to the Lasso of Truth – the movie quickly escalates to show Barry accidentally running faster than the speed of light and reaching the speed force. It’s where he learns he has the ability to alter past events, like the day that led to his mother’s death.

Who dies in The Flash Movie & George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne scene explained

Speaking of the death of Barry’s mother, surprisingly, several characters die in the movie including the younger Barry Allen and the antagonist version that goes on to become the Zoom-esque Dark Flash. Similarly, Supergirl’s death by General Zod  and Batman’s while fighting the Kryptonian are inevitable intersections that Barry realizes cannot be altered and if continued, would only lead to the collision of worlds and their collapse.

Though during the few attempts to change the outcome by Young Barry – he also kills Faora (Antje Traue) by stabbing her with a Kryptonian metal shank that’s lodged into his arm. Fortunately, those are the only character deaths in The Flash. But dissent centered around their deaths is not as large as the criticism for bringing back dead actors through CGI like Christopher Reeves.

The Flash, Michael Keaton's Batman, Dark Knight

The Flash movie trailer showing Michael Keaton’s Batman suit collection

Some fans argued The Flash’s version of the dark Barry Allen was portrayed better than the TV series depiction of Savitar. But disappointment brew among others that expected The Rogues in the opening fight instead of unknown mercenaries. In fact, the tie-in comic for The Flash movie teased Barry fighting the Girder but sadly there was no Captain Cold or Mirror Master. Furthermore, while Michael Shannon’s General Zod is teased as a pivotal character in the promos – the movie offers little screentime and dialogues and the same applies to Antje Traue’s Faora.

On the bright side, Michael Keaton’s Batman has appealed to the masses. For some, The Dark Knight apparently carried the movie to its entirety. Instances such as the Burtonverse Batman’s fight against the hunky Nam-Ek & his hand-to-hand combat scene while rescuing Kara-Zor El are being heavily praised. Other light-hearted moments such as Barry’s interaction with Young Barry, the references to Back to the Future, Andy Muschietti‘s cameo and the Game of Thrones star’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau brief humorous scene to name a few are also being commended on social media.

Moreover, going by fan clips – Ben Affleck’s Batman scenes seem to have received the loudest cheer in several screenings. In addition, the film’s family theme centering over Barry’s relationship with his mom has struck a chord for many leading to a teary experience by the end. The movie’s cliffhanger moment with Geroge Clooney’s Bruce Wayne is also another inclusion that has received more applause than backlash. Though George Clooney’s inclusion was reportedly added after DC Studios’ boss James Gunn took charge.

Scooper Syl Abdul (known for breaking several Snyderverse-related stories) claims the post-credits scene mandated by WBs chairperson Michael De Luca showed Ben Affleck’s Batman appearing in a “separate dream-like sequence” which would have set up a sequel. The insider also says the courthouse scene at the end of The Flash showed Keaton’s Bruce Wayne instead of Clooney. Others such as Cavill’s Clark Kent and Gadot’s Diana Prince are in their civilian identity.

Sadly, the film’s CGI, although it was revealed to be a stylist choice by the director – has not been received well. The VFX shots are being compared to Henry Cavill’s mustache incident from Justice League for its jarring effects. The last act’s multiverse scene which puts the focus on cameos by Nicolas Cage’s Superman has irked many for its passable special effects.

The Flash movie is currently running in theaters worldwide.




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