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The Flash movie reportedly keeps Ben Affleck Batman alive but there’s a catch

The Flash movie reportedly keeps Ben Affleck Batman alive but there’s a catch

With Ben Affleck‘s Batman confirmed for Aquaman 2, the question of where that leaves The Flash movie has also begun to pop up. The Andy Muschiette-helmed standalone will explore the multiverse and introduce Michael Keaton’s, Dark Knight. But what happens to Snyderverse’s caped crusader by the end? The short answer: lost but not dead.

It currently looks like the DC Extended Universe is in flux with no sign of the studio either moving forward with Zack Snyder’s iteration of the Batman or the Burtonverse’ Bats. Still, some insiders have insisted that Affleck reprising the role is yet another one-time cameo. Nonetheless, an earlier claim stated that Batfleck’s future was left in the open for the future. So what does that mean? Insider Grace Randolph may have the answer.

Addressing the recent Batman returns news, Randolph believes, according to her source – “Affleck is indeed only being added to replace Keaton because of the change of release dates.” When asked if this version of the character dies in The Flash, she states, “He does not die anymore, he gets “lost” in the multiverse and the idea was Flash could save him, but after the Ezra Miller scandal who knows how they’ll decide to end it.”

So it seems Keaton’s appearance is still in the can for The Flash. Though with Warner Bros. reportedly not interested in working with Miller post this DCEU film, it’s unclear where the future of both Bruce Wayne’s lies.

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On top of the ongoing fiasco – Keaton’s role in Batgirl has also come under question among fans if a possible reshoot could include Affleck as well, especially since set photos from HBO Max project showed references to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Meanwhile, the fandom has been blowing the trumpet for Henry Cavill Superman as well.

In the case of Aquaman 2 reshoots, the topic of Amber Heard’s presence has also come up.  Many are campaigning for her character’s removal or replacement. Hopefully, all will be known if Warner Bros. Discovery conducts DC FanDome this year.

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