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The Flash movie spoiler – Ben Affleck talks Batman’s rescue scene with Wonder Woman: “Saves me with Lasso of truth”

The Flash movie spoiler – Ben Affleck talks Batman’s rescue scene with Wonder Woman: “Saves me with Lasso of truth”

Ben Affleck cannot seem to stop singing praises for The Flash and the same goes for his brief Batman appearance in the speedster feature. However, while discussing his performance, the Air director let some spoilers slip regarding his scene with Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman.

Warning: The article contains spoilers for The Flash movie

It took Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth for Ben Affleck to finally say, “I figured out how to play the guy!”. Sadly, Batfleck’s appearance in The Flash is expected to be his final bow donning the Dark Knight cowl. Nonetheless, the trailer teases the vigilante in a new tactical suit performing some top-tier action sequences. An earlier tie-in comic confirmed that Barry Allen and Batman will be fighting together to stop a supervillain known as Girder.

Surprisingly, it seems Batman also gets to team up with Wonder Woman in The Flash. Though it should be noted THR reported in December 2022 that Gadot’s cameo was cut along with Henry Cavill’s Superman after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as DC Studios CEO.

Ben Affleck is currently participating in the press for his upcoming movie Air, but the actor also offered some breadcrumbs on his Batman scenes in The Flash. Going in detail, Affleck described the sequence where Wonder Woman saves Batman which turns into a vulnerable moment for the Gotham vigilante to get candid about his life.

“It’s my best s–t I have done as Batman! I finally figured out how to play the guy! I know I quit but I got it now! Like you do the audition and you are on your way home, you are like ‘No!’ I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there was a scene where I get saved by Wonder Woman during a conflagration with some bad guys,” Affleck revealed. “She saves me with the Lasso of Truth, so what happens is that Batman divulges some of his real feelings about his life and his work. I was like ‘Wait a minute; I got it!”

It’s unknown if the Wonder Woman lasso scene will appear in the theatrical cut of The Flash. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to hear Affleck share his love for the role, especially after he shared his struggle playing the superhero role during Justice League’s reshoots under Joss Whedon.

Affleck has clarified he does not intend to direct a DC Film for James Gunn’s Gods and Monsters. Though the Batfleck fandom has presumed it as a possible sign the actor may still revisit the role in the future, perhaps as an Elseworld title under the Snyderverse. Even so, Ben is currently focused on directing biographical dramas like his latest film Air, which is predicted to be an awards contender.

The Flash is set to release on June 16.




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