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The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Preview: Barry Takes A Stand In Courtroom To Prove His Innocence

Screenshot from The Flash 4x10 Promo Season 4 Episode 10 Promo/ The CW

The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Preview: Barry Takes A Stand In Courtroom To Prove His Innocence

After airing an epic midseason finale, The Flash Season 4 will take a long break. There will be no new episode until next year. Meanwhile, the network has released a promo trailer teasing what happens when the show returns.

As the show begins the second run of the fourth season, Barry Allen will find himself standing in the courtroom. The clip reveals that Barry has been framed for a crime that he has not committed. The CCPD takes him into custody for a criminal activity that is yet to be revealed.

Barry insists that he is innocent and he is being framed. Unfortunately, all evidence points at Barry. His lawyer, Cecille insists that he reveals his true identity of The Flash to the world. It seems that is the only way to prove his innocence.

“He stood among us a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” a prosecutor in the courtroom says in the clip. Barry is reluctant to reveal his identity because he fears that it will have far-reaching consequences.

“If everyone knew my secret we would never be able to stop running,” Barry says. Scroll down to watch the promo for The Flash Season 4, episode 10.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier, The Thinker is back. He made his big return in the fall finale featuring a big reveal and a shocking twist. The Thinker, also known as Clifford DeVoe, revealed his true identity as Dominic Lanse/ Brainstorm. Also, he was involved in Barry’s return from speed force at the start of the season.

Barry’s problems with The Thinker is not yet over. When the show returns, Team Flash and the Scarlet Speedster will still have to deal with the big bad. The show is expected to shed more light on The Thinker’s motives.

Fans must know that The Thinker is unlike any other villain that Barry will have to deal with. This time, Barry will find himself challenged to deal with superhuman intelligence of his nemesis.

The Flash Season 4 returns with episode 10 on Jan. 16 on The CW. More information and updates are expected soon on Pursue News.

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