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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Promo: Barry Struggles To Stop A Nuclear Bomb In ‘Enter Flashtime’

Screenshot from The Flash 4x15 Promo Enter Flashtime/ The CW

The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Promo: Barry Struggles To Stop A Nuclear Bomb In ‘Enter Flashtime’

The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 debuts next week wherein Barry Allen will race against time to stop the ultimate destruction of the Central City. The Scarlet Speedster will be joining hands with former allies for the mission after Kid Flash joins Waverider.

The CW has released a new promo video for the upcoming episode titled “Enter Flashtime” and it will see Barry Allen stop time to diffuse a nuclear bomb. Jesse Quick (Violett Beane and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) will return to help Barry accomplish the important mission.

The promo shows Barry struggling to diffuse the bomb. The clip reveals that it’s a nuclear bomb and it’s “already gone off.” It seems, at first Barry seeks Cisco’s help. He stops the time long enough to diffuse the bomb. However, Barry looks disappointed with his efforts.

“I can’t save us,” distressed Barry says in the clip.

Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick remain absent from the clip. However, the photos from The Flash Season 4 episode 15 confirms the involvement of the other two speedsters in the next mission.

According to the synopsis, a nuclear bomb will be detected in downtown Central City. Barry, Jay, and Jesse will join hands in the race against time to save the city and its people. As revealed earlier, together, the trio will be working in what is termed as “Flashtime.” The upcoming episode is expected to explore the concept in depth wherein the speedsters will work in super-speed mode while the rest of the world appears at a standstill. The events will be viewed from speedsters’ perspective.

Fans recently got a glimpse of Barry entering Flashtime when Iris was about to make the big reveal at the court about Barry being the Flash. While time stopped for others, Barry tried to convince Iris from revealing his secret identity.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 airs March 6 on The CW. Be sure to visit Pursue News for more update and details.

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