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The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 Promo Teases Barry Allen’s Fall To His Death

Screenshot from The Flash 4x15 Promo Enter Flashtime/ The CW

The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 Promo Teases Barry Allen’s Fall To His Death

The Flash Season 4 is taking another break. There will not be a new episode until the second week of April. However, when the show returns the Team Flash will prepare to tackle the remaining bus metas. Fans will be treated to an extra-long hour of an episode directed by comic book writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith.

The CW has released a teaser trailer giving a glimpse at the highly-anticipated episode titled “Null and Annoyed.” The clip shows Ralph and Barry Allen prepare to go after the bus metas. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. Barry finds himself in an awkward situation that may lead to a fall to his death. Scroll down to watch the full trailer.

The Team will be going after Null, another metahuman that The Flash must stop. She happens to be a jewel thief, who acquired the power to manipulate gravity. As Ralph returns from the custody of The Thinker, he will accompany Barry in his new mission.

When the show returns, fans have a lot to be excited about. Smith is not only helming the episode, but he will also make a special appearance alongside with his collaborator Jason Mewes. On the recent episode of his Fatman and Batman podcast, he teased the upcoming episode and his brief appearance.

I guess I can spoil it here,” Smith said in the podcast. “At one point, like you know, I did my first episode of Flash, and they asked Jason Mewes to be in the episode. He was up in Vancouver, so I was like ‘He’s always by my side, so he’ll be there anyway, absolutely.’ So this time around, there’s a scene that had two security guards in it, and so the writers of the episode, Kristen, and Lauren, asked me specifically. ‘We’re wondering, do you and Jay want to play the security guards?”

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW. The show will return with “Null and Annoyed” on April 10. Be sure to keep visiting Pursue News for more updates and information on your favorite television series.

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