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The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Promo: Amunet Black Comes To Aids To Stop DeVoe

First look at katee sackhoff as Amunet-Black in The Flash/ The CW

The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Promo: Amunet Black Comes To Aids To Stop DeVoe

After several failed plans, the team Flash continues to struggle to stop DeVoe as his Enlightenment device is nearly completed, next week. The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 debuts next week and it is titled “Harry and the Harrisons.”

In tonight’s episode, the team finally found out DeVoe’s master plan. The episode titled “Therefore She Is” shed light on DeVoe and Marlize’s history. It revealed why she agreed to be on board with him for his grand plan and finally decided to leave.

Meanwhile, the Team Flash failed yet again in stopping DeVoe as he immobilizes them all. He attempts to kill Gypsy and make an example of her, but she is saved by Marlize. Also, the show got one step closer to revealing Mystery Girl’s identity. She made another appearance while delivering a gift to Cecile and Joe at the baby shower and rushed away when she saw Iris. The show is yet to reveal her name and relation to Iris and Barry, but what we sure know is that she is also a Speedster. Fans will have to wait until the season finale to find out who she exactly is.

Next week, Team Flash will be approaching an unlikely ally, Amunet Black. Fans will remember her from the episodes “The Flash Reborn,” “Girls Night Out” and recently in “True Colors.” She was revealed to be a major crime lord who is into trading of stolen technology in the meta-human black market.

The network has released a promo video which reveals that Amunet Black is immune to DeVoe and she might be the key to stop DeVoe. However, the team is a bit reluctant of having her on board given her criminal records and past history of kidnapping Caitlin and ruining Iris’ Bachelorette Party.

However, the team doesn’t have a choice but to have her on the team for their big mission and Amunet seems all too ready for it. Scroll down to watch the full trailer.

In addition, Harry will find him in a dark place when he is kicked out of “Council of Wells.” However, he has a new group to join and that is “Council of Harrisons.”

“THE TEAM TURNS TO AMUNET BLACK FOR HELP – With DeVoe’s Enlightenment device nearly complete, in order to disable it, The Flash (Grant Gustin) and his team must put their faith in an unlikely ally – Amunet Black (guest star Katee Sackhoff). Meanwhile, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) hits an all-time low when the “Council of Wells” kicks him out but then Cisco (Carlos Valdes) introduces him to the “Council of Harrisons,” reads the official synopsis for “Harry and the Harrisons.”

The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 airs May 8 on The CW. Be sure to keep visiting Pursue News for more updates and information.

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