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‘The Gifted’: Polaris’s Father Name Magneto May Never Pop Up In Series

THE GIFTED: Emma Dumont in THE GIFTED premiering premiering Monday, Oct. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ryan Green/FOX

‘The Gifted’: Polaris’s Father Name Magneto May Never Pop Up In Series

Emma Dumont’s The Gifted character Polaris reminds so much of her father, Magneto. As per the comic books, Polaris is one of the most prominent X-Men considering her genealogy. However, the show is yet to mention her father by name although it was teased in the finale of season 1. In a recent interview, the showrunner Matt Nix revealed why they are avoiding the name.

Speaking to TV Line, Nix revealed that the reason why they have not yet mentioned Magneto in The Gifted is obvious. Considering how big the character is in movies, they don’t want to intrude in movie’s domain.

Not to be coy, but we don’t want to stumble into movie territory,” Nix told the abovementioned publication. “That said, canonically, Polaris’ father is Polaris’ father.”

However, the reason why they continue to avoid Master of Magnetism’s name has another reason related to Polaris story arc in the series.

One thing that we do use from the comics, that is legitimately part of the lore of Polaris, is that she doesn’t always know that Magneto is her father,” Nix said. “And she has very mixed feelings about Magneto being her father, so we’ve taken what is kind of a necessity, in terms of us needing to stay out of the way of the movies, and turned it into a virtue in our eyes.” Meaning, “It’s now a feature of the characters that they don’t really want to talk about — [that Lorna’s father is] the leader of the mutant group that made mutants look horrible and kind of put them in the position that they’re in now.”

Comic book fans will remember Magneto is a mutant, leader and founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, he was one of the most infamous mutants who was responsible for instigating hatred and fear from mutants in humans. So, Polaris’ reaction to the knowledge of her father’s past is obvious which clarifies her “mixed feelings” about Magneto being her father.

The Gifted recently wrapped up its first season. The show is scheduled to return for its Season 2 in 2018 on Fox.

Source: TV Line




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