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The Hulk Takes On Thor & Loki In Grandmaster Arena In Funko Pop Animation

Screenshot from It's a Hulk, Loki, Thor Throwdown Marvel Funko Presents Collector Corps

The Hulk Takes On Thor & Loki In Grandmaster Arena In Funko Pop Animation

In Thor: Ragnarok, fans got to see The Hulk give Thor a humiliating beatdown in the Grandmaster’s arena. In a new animation video by Marvel Funko, fans get to see the Green Goliath take on both the god of thunder and his half-brother Loki and emerge victorious as expected.

The 0:56 animation short promotes Marvel Funko’s Collector Corps featuring Thor, Loki, Hulk and The Grandmaster. It will certainly put a smile on any fan’s face.

Initially, the video shows Thor and Loki ready to face off each other in the Grandmaster’s arena. But the two get interrupted when The Hulk makes a grand entrance.

Loki is the first to get a beat down from The Hulk. While Thor mistakes the green goliath’s victory as his, he gets thrust aside by the gladiator. There’s a moment of silence from the crowd but the victor then gets applauded by the grandmaster and by everyone in the whole arena.

Earlier in May, a LEGO set featuring Thor, Loki and The Hulk with the grandmaster arena revealed Loki getting knocked away by The Hulk with his hammer. While it seemed like a hint to a similar scene in the film, it was never part of it. But Funko’s animation has made it come alive in this short video.

Earlier, Marvel Funko also released an animation promoting their “Submarine Showdown” edition featuring Captain America and Red Skull. Fans can head over to the Marvel HQ YouTube channel to check out more of their animations.

Lately, a lot of merchandises have been hitting the stores as Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War nears its release. Recently, a Spider-Man action figure in the Iron Spider suit also hit the store shelves.

Check out the video below. Keeping visiting Pursue News for more updates related to Marvel and other comic book movies.

Source: Marvel HQ




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