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The Last of Us episode 6, Bella Ramsey, Pedro Pascal, Joel and Ellie

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The Last of Us episode 6 fans react to reunion with Tommy, Bella Ramsey & Pedro Pascal’s teary performance, Joel’s near-death ending, Ellie’s father-daughter dynamic, possible Dina cameo & more

The Last of Us episode 6 fans react to reunion with Tommy, Bella Ramsey & Pedro Pascal’s teary performance, Joel’s near-death ending, Ellie’s father-daughter dynamic, possible Dina cameo & more

Starting off with a grim reminder of TLOU episode 5’s heartbreaking death of Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his little brother Sam (Kevin Woodard) – The Last of Us episode 6 sets off with a time jump, three months after the confrontation with the rebels in Kansas City. Joel (Pedro Pascal) & Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are still searching for Tommy (Gabriel Luna), a task that seems like a lost cause in the winter wilderness but it soon lands them in a safe commune in Jackson, Wyoming. The settlement where Ellie also comes in contact with a mysterious new character that some fans of the video game believe could be Dina. Here’s a recap of the moments that has the latest segment trending on social media. 

Is Joel dead Or dying?, that remains the question on every TLOU fan’s mind while waiting for episode 7. The cliffhanger ending of Ellie fumbling to save Joel after their run-in with a crew of miscreants has been the most impactful twist for viewers so far. Arguably, Joel and Ellie’s encounter with the old couple at a cabin might just be the only light-hearted arc to get a happy ending (they continue living on) so far in The Last of Us. Nonetheless, episode 6 is still heavy on the emotional blows, especially while exploring the potential father-daughter dynamic between Joel and Ellie. The two character’s growing bond has TLOU fans teary-eyed witnessing the moving performance of Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. 

Ignoring the old man’s warning, Joel continues to go West and cross the “river of Death” in hopes of finding Tommy. While there appear to be no cordyceps-infected clickers, Joel and Ellie instead find themselves surrounded by a pack of rangers in a life-or-death situation. Coincidentally, it also helps Joel reunite with his long-lost brother in a commune (run by communists?).  

While Tommy is just as excited as Joel over their reunion, the bad blood between the brothers soon spews when Joel realizes Tommy has moved on. In fact, it’s also where viewers are introduced to Maria (Rutina Wesley), the leader of the thriving commune and Tommy’s wife. The Last of Us episode 6 does not offer a lot of screentime to the world-building elements of the Jackson settlement – it rather explores the character arc of Joel, Ellie, Tommy and Maria. In one instance, they do seem like a dysfunctional family seated at the dinner table but sadly, there’s not a lot of room for wholesome moments.

Pedro Pascal’s acting chops for Joel’s emotional scenes in The Last of Us episode 6 have gained a lot of praise

The Last of Us episode 6 digs deeper into the vulnerable aspects of Joel, a man who realizes he is not in his prime state and doubts his ability to deliver Ellie to the Fireflies. Initially, Joel is shown struggling with a heart issue during his journey in the cold. But more than his immediate health crisis, it’s Joel’s daunting past memories that haunt him. 

There’s a brief scene where Joel mistakes a woman in the commune for his daughter Sarah. The sequence highlights the underlying trauma that Joel continues to face, which also explains his appalling behavior towards Tommy after finding out his brother would be a father. Speaking of which, Joel is also forced to face his newfound love for Ellie

By the end, it seems like Joel and Ellie have come to terms with their visceral feelings for each other and although it remains unsaid – they give into their growing father-daughter dynamic, with even Joel taking the time to teach Ellie to use a rifle. 

Sadly, their cheerful bonding is interrupted when they visit the fireflies base at the University of Eastern Colorado. While the Fireflies have abandoned the location, Joel learns through a map that heading towards Salt Lake City to a place called “St. Marys.” might lead to them. However, it is also where Joel is impaled in the stomach by a shattered baseball bat while fighting off a miscreant-Esque person.

Amidst all the important plot exploration in the Last of Us episode 6, Ellie encounters a mysterious girl staring at her when seated with Maria and Tommy in the commune. It’s a brief moment but Ellie scares her away and while it’s brushed off as irrelevant to the main story, some eagle-eyed TLOU fans believe that character is indeed Dina. 

For those that haven’t played The Last of Us Part II, Dina is Ellie’s love interest and is somewhat of a deuteragonist in her arc. Dina was expected to be introduced in season 2 so it remains to be seen if this obscure actor is indeed playing the said character or is just an extra. 

Besides the narrative, The Last of Us episode 6 drew the viewer’s attention with an accidental cameo. A production crew member was spotted in a wide-angle shot when Joel and Ellie are shown crossing the bridge in Wyoming. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly waiting for episode 7 to see what lies ahead for Ellie with Joel on the brink of death.




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