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Rumor: The New Mutants Reshoots Might Make It Scarier, Delay Explained

Still from The New Mutants/ 20th Century Fox

Rumor: The New Mutants Reshoots Might Make It Scarier, Delay Explained

The news that 20th Century Fox has decided to postpone the release of two X-Men movies to next year has already disappointed fans. X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which was earlier slated to release this November, will now premiere on February 14, 2019. The second film in the list is The New Mutants which will now release on August 2, 2019, instead of April 13, 2018.

Going by a recent report from Collider, it seems The New Mutants will undergo a major overhaul. As per the report, although The New Mutants director Josh Boone was satisfied with the initial cut of the film, Fox executives did not find the movie scary enough. They want the film to standout same as Logan and Deadpool.

This is the reason that the filmmakers will possibly reshoot at least 50 percent of the movie. It is rumored that they will be adding at least one or two new characters who will be present throughout the film. So, basically, the new characters won’t appear for just cameos but for full-fledged roles. Furthermore, Boone is also having some creative differences with the studio over their requests to make some changes in the film. It remains to be seen if Boone will continue to helm the film, or if the film studio ropes in another director for The New Mutants.

Talking about X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the Simon Kinberg-directed film had a test screening to check out audiences’ initial reaction. Like is the case with all major big budget films, the makers now want to add some additional scenes. Recently, Fox’s Deadpool 2 also went through reshoots and managed to largely get a positive response from its test screenings.

But, considering the Dark Phoenix’s A-list star cast including actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Michael Fassbender, it won’t be an easy task for the makers to get all the necessary cast members assembled for reshoots.  The only time they could get everyone back together is in August or September. So, the makers took a wise decision of postponing X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s release date.

We hope the reshoots will help X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants perform well at the box office.

Source: Collider




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