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The Nun Featurette Explains How The Conjuring Universe Was Expanded

The Nun Featurette Explains How The Conjuring Universe Was Expanded

The Conjuring franchise’s latest spinoff horror film, The Nun, is all set to arrive in theaters next month. The Nun is the fifth installment of the Conjuring franchise following The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation.

“The Nun” has been produced and written by James Wan, who also directed the first film of the horror universe, The Conjuring, in 2013. In a new featurette, Wan has explained how exactly the success of the first Conjuring film led to the creation of the ever-expanding horror franchise.

“One of the things that occurred to all of us early on is, they have a superhero universe, why can’t we do that in the horror world?,” Wan explained in the featurette adding “When we were making the first Conjuring, it became very apparent to us that there could be a bigger universe – so many other great stories that would be awesome to look into.”

Wan said that the main inspiration for “The Nun” came from the success of the Annabelle pictures. He added that as fans loved the Nun in Conjuring 2, they decided to delve deeper into the character’s origin in a new film.

The film co-producer Peter Safran claimed in the featurette that the upcoming film is completely different from what fans have seen in the previous Conjuring franchise movies.

Set in Romania of the early 50’s, “The Nun” takes place before the events of The Conjuring and Annabelle. It will tell the origin story of Valak aka the demonic Nun, which tortured ghost-hunters Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring 2.

“The Nun” stars Demian Bichir as Father Burke and Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene, who goes on to investigate the death of a young Nun who killed herself at a cloistered abbey in Romania.

Directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow), the film also stars Jonas Bloquet as Frenchie, Charlotte Hope as Sister Victoria, Ingrid Bisu as Sister Oana, and Bonnie Aarons, reprising her Conjuring 2 role as the title character.

The Nun will arrive in theatres on September 7.

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