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The Nun Movie: 10 Hi-Res Stills Of Demon Valak Haunting The Abbey

Still from The Nun movie/ Warner Bros.

The Nun Movie: 10 Hi-Res Stills Of Demon Valak Haunting The Abbey

Promotions for Warner Bros. upcoming horror flick, The Nun continues to soar high as it nears its release date. As part of its marketing, the studio has released 10 new hi-res stills from the Conjuring spin-off teasing what haunts the souls at the cloistered abbey.

The new images show father Burke played by Demian Bichir investigate the grounds of the cloistered abbey. Clearly, he is not prepared for what lies within and it seems like his haunted past is a weapon in the hands of Valak.

Other stills show sister Irene played by Taissa Farmiga also in the abbey along with other Nuns and it seems like they are attempting to fight Valak. You can check all the images below.

In more news regarding The Nun, Warner Bros. also released a new 360 teaser video. Viewers are allowed to explore the location as they are left in the middle of an abandoned abbey. If you have what it takes, then check it out below.

The studio recently came under immense criticism for its last ad on Youtube which as was short Jumpscare clip. Though the ad was brought down by Youtube as it violated their shocking content policy, it still did the trick in getting the masses attention.

The Nun is a prequel movie which explores the story of the demonic Nun that goes by the name Valak. The demon was first introduced in 2016 released The Conjuring 2. The Nun was also shown as a cameo in Annabelle: Creation.

Directed by Corin Hardy, The Nun also stars Charlotte Hope as the abbey’s Sister Victoria, Ingrid Bisu (“Toni Erdmann”) as Sister Oana, and Bonnie Aarons is reprising her role as Valak.

The Nun movie hits theaters on September 7th. More images are likely to be released so stay tuned to Pursue News via our push in notifications or newsletter.

Source: Warner Bros.




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