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The Nun: New Still Of Valak & Cloistered Abbey From The Conjuring Spinoff Movie

Still from The Nun/ New Line & Warner Bros.

The Nun: New Still Of Valak & Cloistered Abbey From The Conjuring Spinoff Movie

Earlier last week, the first trailer for The Nun movie was released along with a still of Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene.  It gave fans the first look at Valak and the cloistered abbey it haunts.

Warner Bros. has now released three new stills from The Conjuring spinoff movie.  The first image shows the demonic nun strolling in the abbey and another still gives a clear landscape view of the terror struck cloistered abbey from afar.

Fans would have noticed the stills appear as scenes in the first trailer. The below new images are hi-res and offer a good look at Valak in the shadows.

The Nun is a prequel film which explores the origin of Valak, a demonic nun introduced in The Conjuring 2.  It all begins when a young nun kills herself at a cloistered abbey in Romania. Her death leads to an investigation by the Vatican but a priest with a haunted past and novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are chosen for the task.

The two soon find out that they not only risk their lives but also their faith and very souls as they confront a malevolent force (Valak) which appears in the form of a nun. The movie will show the abbey turn into a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.

The Nun stars Demian Bichir as Father Burke, Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene and Jonas Bloquet as local villager Frenchie.

The cast also includes Charlotte Hope as the abbey’s Sister Victoria and Bonnie Aarons is reprising her role as Valak. The actress made her first appearance as the demonic nun in The Conjuring 2.

Abel Korzeniowsk (known for Nocturnal Animals) has scored for The Nun. Earlier last September, the music composer shared an early glimpse of the soundtrack from his recording session. Fans can check it out below.

The Nun hits theatres this year on September 7th.




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