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The Punisher & Other Marvel/Netflix Show Characters Might Not Return For 2 Years

Still of Frank Castle from The Punisher season 1/ Netflix

The Punisher & Other Marvel/Netflix Show Characters Might Not Return For 2 Years

The Punisher season 2 finale ended on a high note and gave room for the character to be explored more in the near future. But that pipedream was shattered early on as the cancellation of Iron Fist and Daredevil by Netflix suggested that The Punisher would share the same fate.

Recently, it was officially announced that Netflix as axed The Punisher and Jessica Jones. Though canceled, fans are hopeful since it was earlier revealed that Netflix solely decided to end these shows though Marvel didn’t share the space opinion. Unfortunately, it looks like a clause might pose a hurdle for Disney/Marvel to go ahead with the continuation of these series.

Actor Royce Johnson who plays as Detective Brett Mahoney in the MCU recently spoke to post the cancellation of The Punisher and gave an update on the current situation.

I mean, talking to [Marvel TV president] Jeph Loeb, I read that the memo had said, ‘To be continued,'” Johnson says of the show’s future. “There is a clause that I heard through rumor that we have to wait 18 months, up to two years.”

Will we get the same people? We don’t know that,” the actor says about a continuation of the show. “I think they got together with a great team, I mean, with the writers, producers, editors, scorers, the stunt teams, everybody.”

It currently remains to be seen if there’s a loophole for Marvel to take advantage and have full control over these series and continue with their arc. Daredevil star Amy Rutberg had also stated the same as Johnson but discussed a possible scenario which allows the studio to buy out Netflix’s contract to continue with The Punisher and other shows in the near future rather than wait 18 months.

In any case, Actor John Bernthal has embraced the tragic news of the show’s cancellation and responded on Instagram. You can check out the post below.





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