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The Sandman episode 11 shocked fans react to Dream of a Thousand Cats, Morpheus and Calliope’s past, Dream had a [spoiler], Gatekeepers of Dreaming debut & more

The Sandman episode 11 shocked fans react to Dream of a Thousand Cats, Morpheus and Calliope’s past, Dream had a [spoiler], Gatekeepers of Dreaming debut & more

The Sandman episode 11, a two-part bonus was released on Netflix without any prior announcements and fans are still in disbelief. But Neil Gaiman’s followers on Twitter were quick to pick up on his cryptic posts hinting at the special premiere that concludes season 1. The final eleventh chapter adapts Sandman comic series’ third paperback titled “Dream Country” containing four issues but the episode explores two stories namely, “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope” in a single one-hour segment. From learning more about Morpheus’ past lover, Calliope the daughter of Zeus (Melissanthi Mahut) to unearthing the dream of a determined Siamese cat – Here’s a recap of a few standout moments from the final episode.

The first 15 minutes of The Sandman episode 11 is animated storytelling and shows the world as viewed by cats. Directed and production designed by Hisko Hulsing, featuring brilliant voiceovers from the likes of Sandra Oh to even Gaiman making a guest appearance, voicing the Skull bird aka crow. The oil paint canvas-styled visual design is quick to grip viewers from the start when a Kitten living a comfy life with humans takes an amusing stroll outside with a Grey Cat (David Gyasi). The two felines are shown ambling along to meet a mysterious cat and are joined by a dozen of other night-threaders.

The kitten soon meets an enigmatic Siamese cat and learns the story about a time when the feline species ruled the Earth as gigantic creatures with Humans serving under them. Unfortunately, for the prophetic cat, her journey for Justice, wisdom and revelation began after losing her kittens to the greed & arrogance of her former human owner. Her fiery desire takes her to the heart of The Dreaming where she’s led to the Cat of Dreams.

The arduous journey has the cat facing several hurdles and at the entrance is met by Wyvern, Pegasus and Gryphon. Sandman comic fans would know them as the Gatekeepers of the Dreaming. The guardians allow the proud cat to meet Morpheus, who appears as a huge feline (voice by Tom Sturridge). She learns of the incident when Humans began to dream of a new world where they were no longer hunted, preyed and ruled the lands. “If enough of us dream it, it will happen. Dreams shape the world.” And so it did, erasing the world where Cats were at the top of the food chain and course-correcting events from beginning to the end of time.

With Dream’s blessing, the Siamese cat sets off with the burden to inform cats all over the world to dream of a world where they don’t suffer. Preaching to feral cats, shouting to the stars and cats in alleyways and although her message falls on deaf ears, the Tabby Kitten believes in the mistress and dreams. A gripping yet chilling story with viewers showering praises for the animation episode.

The Sandman episode 11 part 2 “Calliope” begins during the events of Morpheus’ imprisoned time on Earth. Taking place in August 2018, the story revolves around novelist Richard Madoc (Arthur Darvill). At the start, it seems like a plot centered on a successful author but is quickly revealed to be a desperate writer seeking ideas for his sequel novel. Madoc’s path for knowledge takes him to Erasmus Fry (Derek Jacobi), a well-known novelist willing to give him the boon that granted him skilled poetry, i.e. Calliope but for a prize of his own.

Fry gives Richard control over the Muse and manages to publish a well-selling sequel but Calliope is planning her escape and summons the Three Fates seeking their help. The three sisters also reveal the Dream King and Calliope had a love affair at one point and the two had a son named Orpheus, though sadly was killed for his sacrilege. While she finds no help from the witches, she learns Morpheus is bound on Earth as well. Fortune soon shines on the Daughter of Zeus after Dream of the Endless escapes and hears her call for aid.

Ric faces Morpheus’ wrath after denying Calliope’s release and punishes him with a constant flow of ideas. A maddening flow of thoughts forces Richard to declare Calliope free from his entrapment. The Sandman eleventh episode ends with a delightful conversation between the former couple. While fans would’ve loved to see Calliope visit Morpheus in the Dream Kingdom to properly mourn their son, it seems the series creators have that story planned for another day, perhaps The Sandman season 2? Let’s hope so.

The Sandman season 1 consisting of 11 episodes is available on Netflix.




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