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The Sandman episode 6 fans react to Dream meeting his sister Death, Morpheus & Hob Gadling’s wholesome friendship, Johanna Constantine I cameo & more

The Sandman episode 6 fans react to Dream meeting his sister Death, Morpheus & Hob Gadling’s wholesome friendship, Johanna Constantine I cameo & more

The Sandman episode 6 starts with Dream (Tom Sturridge) brooding as usual and is met by his big sister Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), a hard-working anthropomorphic personification and the most powerful of all the Endless. However, healing her brother’s unmoored feelings may not be an easy task at hand, even for Death. Luckily for Morpheus, a human named Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley) from 1389 may be the medicine that Morpheus needed for eons, a “friend”. The sixth chapter titled “The Sound of Her Wings” shows instances from Morpheus’ time on Earth, like when he met Johanna Constantine I (Jenna Coleman) and got a whiff of optimism from William Shakespeare and paid him with a little gift. The episode has received the most acclaimed responses out of all the ten chapters of season 1 so here’s a recap of its best moments.

After Morpheus’ 100-year stint on Earth, all thanks to Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) and his son – the Dream of the Endless feels empty & disappointed. Even after acquiring his tools: The helm, Pouch and ruby from John Dee, he feels worse than his past self. And cue, big sister comes in for the rescue. Death gives her brother a much-needed trumpet call – convincing Morpheus to tag along on her work errand. After watching a few souls depart with Death to the Sunless lands, Morpheus leaves with newfound wisdom and to meet his “ongoing project”, Hob Gadling.

The Sandman episode 5 does a time jump to the late Middle Ages where Morpheus is facing another mid-life crisis and Death is once again his therapist. The Death and Dream of Endless are in London at the white horse pub where he finds Hob, a normie who thinks he can cheat Death by not seeking it. Turns out, it’s the perfect experiment for Morpheus to see if an eternity on Earth will have Hob begging for Death or the opposite.

Morpheus and Gadling make a deal to visit every 100 years to know if the latter desires death or continues to walk his path. Amid this, The Sandman chapter five takes audiences through a wave of English history, from watching Hob gush over little cloth pieces in 1489 to celebrating his riches with the end of slavery and bondsman in 1589 (where Morpheus meets Shakespeare).

In 1789, their reunion gets side-tracked by Lady Johanna Constantine I who believes it’s the Devil and the Wandering Jew that meets at the tavern every century. Fans on social media are cheering the show’s adaptation of Dream and Death’s relationship from Neil Gaiman’s comics. Furthermore, Morpheus’ delightful conversations with Gadling and their bromance have left many viewers seeking more of their interactions.

In due course, Hob asks the real question that’s on every Sandman fan’s mind, if Dream is really just searching for a Friend? Unfortunately, that acquisition puts a rift between the two leading to a grumpy Morpheus walking away in the rain while Hob promises to return to the tavern in 100 years and if Dream does so, it’s a sign of their friendship.

Sadly for Hob, Dream skips on him in 1989 but only viewers know that the brooding personification missed out on his century appointment due to Burgess. However, The Sandman episode 5 wraps with a happily ever ending after as Dream reaches out to Hob and finds him in a new pub, waiting for his dear friend.




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